Forbidden Rose

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Forbidden Rose
Avril lavigne forbidden rose poster.jpg
Forbidden Rose Promotional Poster
Fragrance by Avril Lavigne
Released August 2010
Label P&G Prestige
Tagline Dare to Discover
Predecessor Black Star
Successor Wild Rose
Website Forbidden Rose Avril Lavigne

Forbidden Rose is the second fragrance by French-Canadian singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne. It was released in July 2010.


"It actually takes two years to develop a fragrance, believe it or not, there's so much that goes into it; from picking the name, the bottle, the messaging behind it, coming up with the advertising campaign."
—Avril Lavigne, Kyle and Jackie O interview[1]

The fragrance took two years to develop. Like her previous scent, Black Star, there is a removable ring on the neck of the bottle.[2] It features notes of red apple, winepeach, black pepper, lotusflower, heliotrope, shellflower, praline agreement, sandalwood, and vanilla. So far, the line features various EDP sizes, a body lotion and a shower gel.[3]



"The idea was really to go back in 1940's, very magical movie making, and join it together in a gothic, dark place. [...] She's discovered this fantastic garden which was forbidden, and waiting for her."
—Fred Garcon (director), Making of the Forbidden Rose Commercial[4]

The commercial for the fragrance was directed by Fred Garcon and filmed in Santa Barbara, CA.[2] The story takes place in a gothic garden setting.[5] Lavigne first walks towards a gate, which is closed to her. She then enters, and a gust of wind draws her attention to a light beckoning to her. She finds the "Forbidden Rose", which she picks up as the thorns surrounding it slowly open to let her hand pass through. She smiles, and throws it at the camera.[6] Unlike her previous fragrance, Black Star, the commercial does not feature a jingle sung by Lavigne.


"Black Star was reaching for the stars, following your dreams. Forbidden Rose is an extension to that; dare to discover, pushing the boundaries."
—Avril Lavigne, Kyle and Jackie O interview[1]

Though the tagline for the new perfume is "Dare to Discover",[6] Lavigne stated its message is an extension of Black Star's theme to "follow your dreams".[5] Lavigne told StyleList that she "wanted to create a fragrance which takes the unique attitude of my first scent to a new emotional depth, adding mystery as well as a bit of magic."[7] Lavigne released Forbidden Rose's sister fragrance, Wild Rose, in 2011. The concept and design was very similar however the fragrance had a sweeter scent and was tinted pink rather than purple.

Critical reception[edit]

Fragrantica thought the scent to be "mysterious and magical."[8] called it more sophisticated than Black Star.[9] Now Smell This said it was "a cautious fragrance, overall, and not particularly 'edgy'."[10] thought that "with its hints of both fantasy and fearlessness, Forbidden Rose comes to life, like a fairytale."[11]


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