Forbidden Science

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Forbidden Science
Forbidden Science.jpeg
Bethany • Penny • Julia
Genre Adult sci-fi series
Created by Doug Brode
Starring Vanessa Broze
Joanne Alderson
Levi Freeman
Mary LeGault
Noelle DuBois
Austin Ball
Composer(s) Brent Barkman
Russ Mackay
Country of origin USA
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 13
Executive producer(s) John Quinn
Camera setup Film; Single-camera
Running time 23 minutes
Production company(s) Dangerous Tomorrows
Distributor American Cinema Group
Original channel Cinemax
Picture format 1080p
Original release 9 January 2009 – 28 March 2009
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Forbidden Science is a Cinemax "After Dark" series that premiered in January 2009. It is set in a near-future world in which people fulfill erotic desires with virtual reality and androids. The 13-episode series is a combination of film noir and erotic thriller, focuses on the lives of the 4Ever Innovations staff.

Cast and characters[edit]

  • Vanessa Broze as Julia White – A clone of a brain–computer interface researcher Stephanie White; who via a memory chip from the recently deceased researcher, is able to join the staff and continue Stephanie’s work.
  • Levi Freeman as Colin Summers – The owner of 4Ever Innovations.
  • Joanne Alderson as Bethany Montrose – Joins 4Ever Innovations as the head of sales after her marriage ends. A friend of Colin’s from before the show.
  • Noelle DuBois as Dr. Penny Serling – A researcher in android technology and virtual reality. She is a parody of the character Abby Sciuto on NCIS.
  • Austin Ball as Dr. Philip Wise – A researcher in android technology and virtual reality. He becomes Penny Serling’s lover.
  • Richard Roy Sutton as Adrian Turner – A co-founder of 4Ever Innovations.
  • Mary LeGault as Laura Lucas – Colin Sommers Executive Assistant and lover.


Title Director Writer(s) Episode #
“4Ever” Melanie Orr Doug Brode 1
Two women have to start their lives over; one after a devastating divorce, the other after having been murdered.
“Adversaries” Part 1 Melanie Orr Doug Brode 2
When 4Ever announces a new cloned-organ lab, someone sets a bomb in the building. Bethany and Julia both try to put the past behind them and begin a new life at 4Ever.
“Adversaries” Part 2 Melanie Orr John Quinn & Devon Jacobs-Quinn 3
After Colin is nearly killed in an explosion, he and the 4Ever team set out to discover who’s responsible for the bombing.
“Weekend” Melanie Orr Doug Brode 4
It’s the weekend, but no one seems to be going home. Penny tries to create the perfect lover, while Bethany uncovers a secret project: Level 6.
“Hotzone” John Quinn William Burke 5
When an employee of 4Ever is found dead, Philip uses the experimental Gold Chip to relive the last few hours of their life.
“Property” Part 1 Clay Borris Doug Brode 6
Julia falls in love with an android who is about to be destroyed by her company, and she makes a fateful decision that will put her at odds with her friends.
“Property” Part 2 Clay Borris Doug Brode 7
Julia is on the run with an android she stole from 4Ever. Now, both her friends and the company’s competitors are hunting for them.
“Lonely” Clay Borris Doug Brode 8
When Laura begins an online virtual-affair, she uncovers secrets about who really created 4Ever Innovations.
“Tarot” Clay Borris Doug Brode 9
When Bethany is kidnapped by a group of Bio-Terrorists, Colin is forced to ask Julia for help. Julia must use a highly experimental, and dangerous procedure to enter the mind of a dying scientist.
“Virus” Melanie Orr Doug Brode 10
Penny Power to the rescue! When the 4Ever building is taken over by a thinking computer virus, Dr. Penny Serling suits up to save the day.
“Erase” 11
Julia, a clone of a dead woman, discovers a way to erase all of her programmed memories, and to finally be able to live her own life... but at what cost?
“Secrets” 12
The answers start here. When the Gold Chip is successfully completed, Colin tries to find a way out of his deal with Adrian, and the Level 6 project.
“Home” 13
Discover the truth. Live 4Ever. Colin’s missing, and Bethany uncovers the secret of Level 6. (Series finale)

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