Forbidden Warrior

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Forbidden Warrior
Forbidden Warrior.jpg
Directed by Jimmy Nickerson
Written by Glen Hartford and Daniel Toll
Starring Marie Matiko, Sung Kang, Karl Yune
Release date
  • November 2005 (2005-11)
Country United States
Language English

Forbidden Warrior is a 2005 martial arts fantasy action film starring Marie Matiko, Sung Kang and Karl Yune. It was directed by Jimmy Nickerson, and produced by Glen Hartford and Daniel Toll. The film is notable in resembling a low-budget Hong Kong action film, despite its American production and cast. A review in Variety noted that characters from a Chinese myth are given Japanese names and played by caucasians.[1]

In a 2006 interview, the writer/producer Glen Hartford claims he based the story on "a piece of mythological history, from over 4000 years ago", and calls the movie an "Asian film".[2]