Marine Special Operations Group

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Marine Special Operations Group
Official patch of the PMC Force Recon Bn
ActiveApril 18, 1995 - Present
CountryPhilippines Philippines
BranchPhilippine Marine Corps
TypeMarine Special Forces
RoleAir assault
Airborne forces
Amphibious reconnaissance
Amphibious warfare
Anti-guerrilla operation
Close quarters combat
Deep reconnaissance
Direct Action
Foreign internal defense
Jungle warfare
Reconnaissance missions
Special operations
Special reconnaissance
Unconventional Warfare
Part ofUnder the Philippine Marine Corps serving as its Special Operations Arm.
Garrison/HQMarine Barracks, Bonifacio Naval Base, Makati City
Nickname(s)Force Recon
Mascot(s)Lightning & Dagger
AnniversariesApril 18
EngagementsAnti-guerilla operations against the New People's Army and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front
Anti-terrorist operations against the Abu Sayyaf
Operation Enduring Freedom - Philippines
International Peace Support and Humanitarian Relief Operations
UN Operations
2017 Marawi crisis
DecorationsPresidential Streamer Award
ESGN Edgardo Espinoza PN (M)
LTC Ariel Querubin PN M (GSC)
1LT Custodio Parcon PN (M)
MAJOR Natalio C. Ecarma PN (M)
Marine Force Recon Qualification Badge
Naval Parachutist Badge
United States Navy Parachutist Badge.png

The Marine Special Operations Group, formerly known as the Force Recon Battalion, is the Philippine Marine Corps' elite ground forces unit for unconventional warfare and special operations. It specialises in sea, air and land operations, like its counterpart in the Naval Special Operations Group of the Philippine Navy, ranging from reconnaissance, close combat, demolition, intelligence and underwater operations in support to the overall naval operations.[1]


As the spearhead of the Philippine Armed Forces, Marines of the Marine Corps are "the first to fight" and elements of the Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance Battalion lead the way.[2]

What makes it different from the Naval Special Operations Command is that it utilizes strategies and tactics mastered by the Philippine Army's 1st Scout Ranger Regiment and Special Forces Regiment (Airborne) units.

They also make use of mechanised operations in support of other AFP combat operations as specially inclined with the conduct of special and classified military actions.

All Force Recon Marines are usually airborne and Scout Ranger qualified and most importantly; must finish the Force Reconnaissance Course to qualify.[3]

Like most of the AFP special operations units, the best members of Force Recon Battalion are handpicked to undergo VIP security training and assigned to the Presidential Security Group.

As part of the ongoing expansion and modernization of the entire Armed Forces, the FRB was officially renamed in April 2018 as the Marine Special Operations Group. Plans are ongoing to expand the unit's capabilities.[4]


  • HQ and Training Company
  • Four Recon Companies[5]
    • 61st Reconnaissance Company
    • 62nd Reconnaissance Company
    • 63rd Reconnaissance Company
    • 64th Reconnaissance Company

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