Forces of Satan Records

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Forces of Satan Records
Forces of Satan Records.jpg
Founded 6 June 2006
Founder Infernus, Vile Horg
Genre Black metal, death metal
Country of origin Norway
Official website

Forces of Satan Records was a Norwegian-based independent record label founded on 6 June 2006, by Infernus of Gorgoroth and Vile Horg. The label only signed, produced and developed bands with a "clear Satanic attitude and commitment."[1] Bands signed to the label at the time of its closure were Italian black metal band Black Flame, Brazilian death metal band Ophiolatry, and Serbian black metal band Triumfall.[2][3]


Artist Title Release date Format Cat. #
Gorgoroth Bergen 1996 November 2007 MCD / 7" Pic Disc FSR001
Ophiolatry Transmutation January 21, 2008 Full-length FSR002
Ophiolatry Antievangelistical Process (re-release) 2009 Full-length FSR003
Black Flame Imperivm June 23, 2008 Full-length FSR004
Tangorodrim Unholy Metal Way (re-release) 2009 Full-length FSR005
Tangorodrim Those Who Unleashed (re-release) 2009 Full-length FSR006
Triumfall Antithesis of All Flesh June 15, 2009 Full-length FSR007

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