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Forces of central subordination of the Russian Air Force report directly to the Headquarters of the Air Force. This listing is believed to be as of August 2008.


  • 2457th Air Base of Long Range Radiolocation Detection Aircraft - A-50, A-50М - Ivanovo Severny
  • 929th State Flight Test Centre (Akhtubinsk)
    • 1338th Test Facility - Chkalovsky Airport - Il-22, Il-80, and Il-82
    • High-altitude mountain Center for Air Materiel and Weapons Research - Nalchik
    • 368th Detached Composite Aviation Squadron
    • 13th Aeronautic Test Facility - Volsk - air balloons
    • 267th Center of Test Pilots Training - Akhtubinsk
  • 4th Centre for Combat Training and Flight Personnel Training - Lipetsk Air Base
  • 968th Sevastopol Composite Training and Research Aviation Regiment, Lipetsk Air Base, fighter jets MiG-29, Su-27, Su-27M, Su-30, bombers Su-24M, Su-24M2, Su-34, reconnaissance plane Su-24MP, jammer Su-24MP, strike-fighter Su-25, Su-25T, Su-25SM
  • 3958th Guards Керченская (Kerch) авиационная Aviation Base, Savasleyka, Nizhegorod Oblast, МiG-31.
  • 4020th Base for Reserve Aircraft, Lipetsk
  • 185th Centre for Combat Training and Flight Personnel Training - Astrakhan
    • 116th Training center operational use — Аstrakhan — MiG-23, MiG-29
    • 42nd Training center operational use — AshulukSAM and targets.
  • 924th Centre for Combat Training and Flight Personnel Training - Yegoryevsk Base UAV.
    • 275th Separate research and UAV squadron instructors(Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), Yegoryevsk, Moscow Oblast. UAV Tu-143, Yak PCHELA-1T, IAI Searcher 2 .
  • Russian State Scientific-Research Institute Centre for Cosmonaut Training - Zvezdnyi Goronok
    • 70th Separate test and training Aviation Regiment Special Purpose — Chkalovski — Il-76 and other.

Warehouses, Storage and Maintenance Depots, Aircraft Repair Plants[edit]

  • Central Aviation Base of Rocket Armament and Ammunition, Sergiyev Posad, Moscow Oblast
  • Aviation Warehouse of Rocket Armament and Ammunition, Yoshkar-Ola
  • Supply and Storage Depot of Air Defense Rocket Armament, Serpukhov, Moscow Oblast
  • Storage and Maintenance Depot of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Yaroslavl (Tunoshna)
  • 502nd Military Equipment Maintenance Plant, Fryazevo (Noginsk-5)
  • 1015th Military Equipment Maintenance Plant, Nizhniye Sergi-3, Sverdlovsk Oblast
  • 1019th Military Equipment Maintenance Plant, Onokhoy-2, Buryat Republic
  • 1253rd Central Radar Armament Maintenance Base, Samara-28
  • 2227th Armament Maintenance and Storage Base, Trudovaya, Moscow Oblast
  • 2503rd Central Base of Automated Control Systems Maintenance, Yanino-1, Leningrad Oblast
  • 2529th Central Base of Armament Maintenance, Khabarovsk
  • 2633rd Base of Armament Maintenance and Storage, Lyubertsy, Moscow Oblast
  • 3821st Base of Armament Maintenance and Storage, Tosno, Leningrad Oblast
  • 20th Aircraft Overhaul Plant, Pushkin-3 (not an inhabited locality, or name is misspelled), Leningrad Oblast
  • 150th Aircraft Overhaul Plant, Lyublino-Novoye, Kaliningrad Oblast
  • 419th Aircraft Overhaul Plant, Gorelovo, Leningrad Oblast
  • 695th Aircraft Overhaul Plant, Aramil, Sverdlovsk Oblast
  • 99th Air-Technical Equipment Plant, Ostafyevo (Shcherbinka), Moscow Oblast
  • 5212nd Testing and Control (Docking?) Station, Znamensk, Astrakhan Oblast

Training and Research Organisations[edit]

See Soviet military academies

  • ???th Aviation Training Center for training flight crews and long-range military transport aircraft - Balashov:
    • ?? th Training Aviation Regiment - Balashov
    • 666th Training Aviation Regiment - Rtishchevo
  • Center for anti-aircraft missile troops, Uchhoz (Gatchina-3), the Leningrad Region. Chief - Colonel Alexander Dobrovolsky.
  • 357th Training Center, Belgorod. Chief - Colonel Viktor Baranov.
  • 834th Centre for Signal Corps Radio and ensure, Novgorod. Chief - Colonel Vasily Fedosov.
  • 874th training center (settlement) of radio engineering troops, Vladimir. Chief - Colonel Yuri Balaban.
  • 902nd Training Center (settlement) of anti-aircraft missile troops Kosterevo-1, Vladimir Oblast.

Medical and athletic facilities[edit]

  • State Research Institute of Aviation and Space Medicine, Moscow. Chief - Major-General Igor Ushakov.
  • 5th Central Military Research Aviation Hospital, Krasnogorsk-3, Moscow Region.
  • 7th Central Military Research Aviation Hospital, Moscow.
  • Spa Air Force, Chemitokvadzhe, Krasnodar Krai. Chief - Colonel Theodore Barantsev.
  • Central Sports Club VVS Samara. Chief - Colonel Dmitry Shlyahtin.
  • 361st Center of psychophysiological training of personnel, Agha, Krasnodar region.
  • 709th Center of psychophysiological training of personnel, Anapa (now Dzhubga), Krasnodar region.
  • 464th Training Center for Physical Culture and Sports, Ufa, Bashkortostan.


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(August 2009) - drawing on a Kommersant-Vlast report on the Russian Air Forces (Kommersant-Vlast, State of Russia's Air Forces 2008 No.33 (786) 25 August 2008 (Russian))