Ford 7W

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Ford Model 7W
1938 Ford 7W Ten Junior De Luxe Saloon HZY903.jpg
ManufacturerFord UK
Body and chassis
Body style2 and 4-door saloon, tourer.
Engine1.2 L Straight-4
Wheelbase82 inches (2.08 m)
Length156 inches (3.96 m)
Width57 inches (1.448 m)
Curb weight1790 pounds (810 kg)
PredecessorFord Model C Ten
SuccessorFord Prefect

The Ford 7W Ten is a car built by Ford UK between 1937 and 1938.

The car was an updated version of the Model C Ten with the same 1172 cc engine and three speed gearbox, and used the same transverse leaf front and rear suspension. The chassis now featured a stiffer braced design, and the brakes were mechanical and bought in from Girling. The attractive 7W Ten body style, available in both two and four door configurations and the first small English Ford model with an externally accessed luggage compartment, was the precursor to the first model to carry the 'Prefect' badge in 1939 (albeit in four door form only) and which ran to 1953 as models E93A and E493A. 41,665 7Ws were built.