Ford ATX transmission

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Manufacturer Ford Motor Company
Also called FLC
Production 1981-1994
Body and chassis
Class 3-speed transverse automatic transaxle
Successor F-4EAT

The FLC-"Fluid Link Converter"- ATX was a 3-speed hydraulic automatic transaxle produced by Ford Motor Company from 1981 through 1994. It was Ford's first automatic transmission developed for front wheel drive and transverse engine location. Used in the company's four-cylinder-powered cars ranging from the Escort to the Taurus, the transaxle had a lockup torque converter, but no overdrive. It was controlled by a throttle or "kickdown" cable, the speedometer used an air powered cable, and had no computer controls.

With the four-cylinder Taurus excised from the lineup after 1991, and with the addition of the new computer-controlled, 4-speed F-4EAT from Mazda, for the Ford Escort/Mercury Tracer, the original FLC continued in production solely for the Tempo and Topaz until those cars were discontinued in 1994.

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