Ford CD3 platform

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Not to be confused with Ford D3 platform.
Ford CD3 platform
2010 Ford Fusion SE 1 -- 03-13-2010.jpg
2010 Ford Fusion SE
Manufacturer Ford Motor Company
Also called Mazda GG/GY platform
Production 2003–present
Body and chassis
Class Mid-size (C/D) platform
Related Ford V2 platform
Predecessor Ford CDW27 platform
Mazda G platform
Ford DEW platform
Successor Ford CD4 platform

The Ford CD3 platform (for "C/D-class") is a Ford midsize car automobile platform. It was designed by Mazda.[citation needed] The original Mazda chassis code for the CD3 platform is Mazda G platform, which Ford Motor Company has used every evolution of since 1983. The platform is designed for either front, all-wheel drive or Ford's hybrid powertrain.[1]

The platform is based on a unitized welded steel body (monocoque) with an independent short long arms (SLA) double wishbone front suspension with stabilizer bar and an independent multi-link twist blade rear suspension with stabilizer bar.[2]

Ford Motor Company developed the CD3 platform as its first fully "digital" car, allowing the company to cut months of development time, saving money and bringing the vehicles to market more quickly.[1] Engineers were able to virtually build an entire car prior to initiating construction,[1] thereby improving vehicle fit and finish, tool clearances and production line ergonomics.[1]

Vehicles currently using this platform include:

Cancelled CD3 products:

CD3 2[edit]

The Mazda-based CD3 2 platform is expected to be phased out early next decade and give way to either of Ford's own EUCD platform currently used under the Ford Mondeo in Europe or more likely by the EUCD2 as Ford revises its global product architecture. The next generation of Fusion, Edge, MKX and MKZ debuting in 2012-2013 are expected to be built on Ford's own Ford CD4 platform.[3]


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