Ford CDW27 platform

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Ford CDW27 platform
Ford Mondeo MK2 (1997-2000) front.jpg
Manufacturer Ford Motor Company
Also called Ford 'World Car' platform
Production 1993–2006
Body and chassis
Class Compact (C/D) platform
Related Mazda GE platform
Predecessor Ford Sierra platform
Ford CE14 platform
Successor Ford CD162 platform
Ford CD3 platform
Ford EUCD platform

The Ford CDW27 platform was Ford's midsize car automobile platform from 1993 to 2006, It was co-designed by Ford and Mazda and was designed to be used as its 'World Car' platform.[1] The platform was developed over six years and at a huge expense totalling $6 billion,[2] but was expected to save 25% compared to developing separate models for Europe and North America[3] The design is based on Mazda's GE platform, used by the Mazda Cronos/626

The CDW27 platform was first used in the 1993 Ford Mondeo,[4] Ford Contour, Mercury Mystique, and Mercury Cougar.

Descendants of this platform were used in the second generation European Mondeo CD162, the third generation European Mondeo CD132 and Jaguar X-Type. The successors to many of these cars use the new Ford CD3 or EUCD platform.