Ford Model F

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Ford Model F
1904 Ford Model F.jpg
DesignerHenry Ford
Body and chassis
Body style2-row phaeton
Engine127CID[1] 12hp[2] Flat-2
Transmission2-speed planetary[1]
Wheelbase84 in (2134 mm)[1][2]
Curb weight1400 lb (635 kg)
PredecessorFord Model C
SuccessorFord Model N

The Ford Model F is an automobile produced by Ford. It was a development of the Model A and Model C, but was larger, more modern, and more luxurious. Production started in 1905 and ended in 1906 after about 1,000 were made. It was built at the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant. It was a four-seater phaeton with running boards and a side-entrance tonneau standard. It was priced from US$1,000 (equivalent to $28,456 in 2019)[3] to US$1,200 (equivalent to $34,147 in 2019);[2] by contrast, the Colt Runabout was $1,500,[4] the FAL was $1,750,[5] the Cole 30 $1,500,[5] the Enger 40 $2,000,[5] and the Lozier Light Six Metropolitan $3,250.[6] All had green bodies.[1]


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