Ford Model K

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Ford Model K
1907 Ford Model K Tourer (Warbirds & Wheels museum).jpg
DesignerHenry Ford
Body and chassis
Body style2-row touring car
Engine405CID cast iron block 40hp Straight-6[1][2]
Transmissionplanetary 2-speed manual[2]
Wheelbase114 in (290 cm)
Curb weight2,400 lb (1,089 kg)[2]
PredecessorFord Model B

The Ford Model K is an upscale automobile that was produced by Ford. It was introduced in 1906 and replaced the earlier Model B. It was built at the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant. The model K was aimed at the top end of the market and featured an inline-6 (the only Ford six until 1941) giving 40 hp (30 kW). The wheelbase was 120 in (2896 mm) and could be ordered either as touring or roadster. Contrary to popular folklore, the Model K was a good seller for Ford Motor Company. In 1906, the first year it was offered, the Model K produced over eighty five percent of Ford Motor Company's new car profit (1906 Ford Motor Company internal audit records).

1907 Ford Model K 6-40 Roadster

In 1907, the second, and primary sales year of the Model K, almost five hundred Model K were sold, the best selling six cylinder model in the world. As period journals reported, Ford Motor Company went in another direction, moving to one chassis, a mid priced car, the Model T, leaving the multi-line business model used by most auto makers of the period. However, sales and profits from the Model K helped Ford Motor Company become the largest automaker in number of sales in 1907, and along with the Model N, was the only Ford model sold through three model years (1906-1908) prior to the advent of the Model T.


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