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Ford Models
Supermodel of the World
Ford Models Supermodel of the World Logo.jpg
GenreModel search competition
FounderEileen Ford

Supermodel of the World (Ford Supermodel of the Year, formerly Face of the 80s) is an international modeling contest established by Eileen Ford in 1980. The contest showcases young fashion model entrants from over 50 countries in order to discover new talent for the fashion industry. The winner of the international final event receives a $250,000 modeling contract with Ford Models. The two runners up receive contracts of $150,000 and $100,000 respectively.


Held Winner Country Venue
1981 Annette Stai[1]  Norway Monaco
1982 Renée Simonsen  Denmark United States
1983 Carrie Miller  United States United States
1984 Catherine Ahnell  Sweden United States
1985 Joanna Van Trees  United States United States
1986 Monika Schnarre  Canada
1987 Celia Forner  Spain
1988 Anuschka Muzik  Czechoslovakia
1989 Synne Myreboe  Norway
1990 Anneliese Seubert  Australia /  Germany
1991 Daniela Benavente  Chile
1992 Tricia Helfer  Canada
1993 Veronica Blume  Spain /  Germany
1994 Georgia Göttmann  Germany Hawaii, U.S.
1995 Anna Marie Cseh  Hungary
1996 Leanne Spencer  Canada
1997 Diana Pereira  Portugal
1998 Katie Burell  United Kingdom Portugal
1999 Alyssa Kealy  Australia
2000 Margarita Babina  Russia Puerto Rico, U.S.
2001 Asta Buziliauskaitė  Lithuania Miami, Florida, U.S.
2002 Dari Maximova  Germany Dominican Republic
2003 <No event held>
2004 Nataliya Gotsiy  Ukraine New York Public Library
2005 Camila Finn  Brazil New York Public Library
2006 Katsia Damankova  Belarus
2007 Sanne Nijhof[citation needed]  Netherlands United States
2008 Kang Seung-hyun[1]  Korea
2009 Tayane Leão  Brazil Montenegro
2010 Katrina Karlina Caune  Latvia São Paulo, Brazil
2011 Danica Magpantay  Philippines
2012 Sofía Polenta  Argentina
  • No event was held in 2003.

Notable participants[edit]

Notable participants that did not win the contest were Adriana Lima, Chanel Iman, Kendra Spears, Marie-Christine Gessinger, Nadege Herrera, Charo Ronquillo, Magdalena Wróbel, Liliane Ferrarezi, Ingrid Schram, Bianca Chiminello, Bipasha Basu, Caron Bernstein, Zana Krasniqi, Paloma Lago, Malin Akerman, Elsa Benítez, Keity Mendieta, Nicole Trunfio, Shiraz Tal, Michelle Behennah, Melanie Marquez, Michelle Robles and Ly Jonaitis


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