Ford Observatory (Ithaca)

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Ford Observatory
Organization Ithaca College
Code 845
Location Ithaca, New York (USA)
Coordinates 42°25′3.12″N 76°29′38.67″W / 42.4175333°N 76.4940750°W / 42.4175333; -76.4940750Coordinates: 42°25′3.12″N 76°29′38.67″W / 42.4175333°N 76.4940750°W / 42.4175333; -76.4940750
Altitude 348 m
Established 1998
Website Observatory Web Page
Unnamed Telescope 40 cm (16") Fork-mounted f/8 Cassegrain reflector

This article is about the New York observatory. For the California location see Ford Observatory (Wrightwood).

The Clinton B. Ford Observatory is an astronomical observatory that is operated by the Ithaca College physics department. The observatory is located in the forest on the south end of the Ithaca College campus in Ithaca, New York (USA). It was constructed in 1998 using funds from the National Science Foundation and a bequest from the late Clinton B. Ford. It houses a CCT-16 16-inch (0.4 m) f/8 Cassegrain telescope.

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