Ford Retail Group

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Ford Retail Group
Industry Motor industry
Founded 1998
Headquarters Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom
Key people
Steve Hood
(Chief Executive & Chairman)
John Leeman
(Director of Dealer Operations)
Products Motor vehicles
Revenue UK £827 million (2006)[1]
Increase UK £3 million (2006)[2]
Number of employees
2958 (2007) [3]

Ford Retail Group, operating as TrustFord,[4] is an operator of franchised motorcar dealerships in the United Kingdom and Europe that is now owned by Ford of Europe. In addition to selling new and used Ford & Iveco cars and commercial vehicles, Ford Retail Group dealerships also operate a full garage workship, repair and service centre.[5]


At the end of 1998, Jardine Motors Group announced a joint venture with the manufacturer for its Ford dealerships,[6] the merged firm was known as Polar Ford.[7] In January of the following year Polar Ford had purchased Dagenham Motors.[8] Polar Ford purchased three North London dealerships from Stripestar in May 2002[9] and Alperton Ford in February 2003,[10] before Jardine sold their 51% stake in the joint venture to Ford in March 2004, at which point the company became known as Ford Retail Group.[11]

By 2014, Ford Retail Group operated under a variety of names;[4]

  • Dagenham Ford - primarily located in London and the surrounding counties
  • Polar Ford - primarily located in Yorkshire and North West England
  • Brunel Ford - located in South West England
  • Heartlands Ford - Birmingham and surrounding area
  • Lindsay Ford - Northern Ireland
  • Bougourd Ford - Guernsey
  • La Motte Ford - Jersey
  • Ford Online
  • Ford Online Parts

In February 2014, the company stated their intention to rebrand all their activities as TrustFord,[12]


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