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The Ford U platform designation is used by Ford Motor Company for a range of sport utility vehicle (SUV) and crossover utility vehicle (CUV) automobile platform applications.


1991-1994 Ford Explorer

The U1 platform was used for Mid-size SUVs, built at Louisville, Kentucky, Hazelwood, Missouri (Saint Louis, Missouri), and Valencia, Venezuela plants.

Vehicles using the standard wheelbase UN105-150 version include:

The First Generation (1991–1994) trucks are dubbed as the UN46 platform while the Second Generation (1995–2001) trucks are the UN105 platform. The Third Generation (2002–2005) trucks are UN152 and the 2001-2003 "Sport" (2-door) variants are platform UN52.[1]

Vehicles using the long-wheelbase UN93/173 version, built in Wayne, Michigan, include:


2006-2007 Ford Explorer

A new version of the mid-size SUV platform (U2 short- and U3 long-wheelbase) went into production in 2006 for 2007 models.

U2 vehicles were built in Ford's Louisville, Kentucky and Valencia, Venezuela plants.

Vehicles using the new U2 short wheelbase platform include:


The full-size SUV U32x Expedition and Navigator are built in Ford's Kentucky Truck plant, alongside the Ford Superduty. This platform is also called T1 platform, based on the F-150.



The compact crossover SUV U36x platform Mariner and Escape continue on an evolution of the Ford CD2 platform and are built in Avon Lake, Ohio.



The U38x mid-size crossover SUVs are based on the Ford CD3 platform. They are built at Oakville Assembly in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.


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