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The family of Henry Ford is an American family from the U.S. state of Michigan, best known for their control of the Ford Motor Company automobile manufacturer, which was founded by Henry Ford in the early-twentieth century. Henry's grandson William Clay Ford Sr. and his family have controlled the Detroit Lions franchise of the National Football League since 1963.

Although the Ford family's ownership stake in the automaker had declined to less than 2% of the company's equity as of 2010, the family retained operational control through a special class of stock that was established early in the company's history and retained when the company made its initial public offering in 1956.[1][2][3][4] The family owns all of the company's Class B shares, which are collectively entitled to elect 40% of the company's board of directors, with the remaining 60% elected by the holders of the company's publicly traded common stock

Isaac Ford
William Ford
Rebecca Jennings
Samuel Ford
Jonathan "John" Ford
Thomasine Smith
George Ford
Henry Ford
Stephen Ford
Rebecca Ford
William Ford
Mary Litogot O'Hern
Jane Ford
Henry Ford Sr.
Mary Ford
Nancy Ford
Samuel Ford
Ford Founder Henry Ford
Clara Jane Bryant
John Ford
Margaret Ford [Ruddiman]
Jane Ford
William Ford
Robert Ford
Edsel Ford
Eleanor Lowthian Clay
Harvey S. Firestone Jr.
Elizabeth Parke
Henry Ford II
Anne McDonnell
Benson Ford Sr.
Edith McNaughton
Josephine Clay Ford [Ford]
Walter Buhl Ford II
William Clay Ford Sr.
Martha Parke Firestone
(b. 1925)
Charlotte M. Ford
(b. 1941)
Anne Ford
(b. 1943)
Edsel Ford II
(b. 1948)
Walter Buhl Ford III
Eleanor Clay Ford [Sullivan]
(b. 1946)
Josephine Clay Ford [Ingle]
(b. 1949)
Alfred Brush Ford
(b. 1950)
Elena Anne Ford
(b. 1966)
Benson Ford Jr.
(b. 1949)
Lynn Ford [Alandt]
(b. 1951)
Martha Parke "Muffy" Ford [Morse]
(b. 1948)
Sheila Ford Hamp
(b. 1951)
William Clay Ford Jr.
(b. 1957)
Elizabeth Ford Kontulis
(b. 1961)


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