Forden Gaer

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Forden Gaer
Forden Gaer is located in Powys
Forden Gaer
Founded c. 75 - 80 AD
Abandoned 4th century AD
Attested by Ravenna Cosmography
Place in the Roman world
Province Britannia
— Wood and earth structure —
Coordinates 52°34′56″N 3°10′13″W / 52.582151°N 3.170358°W / 52.582151; -3.170358
Place name Forden
County Powys
Country Wales
UK-OSNG reference SO208989

Forden Gaer, Y Gaer and Lavrobrinta are respective English, Welsh and possible Latin names for the Roman fort in the township of Thornbury, in the parish of Forden, in the old county of Montgomeryshire, which now forms part of Powys, Wales . The fort lies on the E bank of the Severn a short distance N of Montgomery, and covers an important crossing of the river close to the historic ford at Rhydywhyman. It is likely that this is the same fort as Lavrobrinta, which is mentioned in the Ravenna Cosmography.[1] The fort lies on the Roman Road between Wroxeter and Caersws. The defences were originally of earth, subsequently revetted with a timber-laced rampart of clay. Some internal buildings may have been of stone. The fort was established ca. A.D. 75-80 and was not finally abandoned before the reign of Valentinian I (A.D. 364-378). The finds are in the Powysland Museum, Welshpool.


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