Fore Play

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Fore Play
DVD cover
Directed by John G. Avildsen
Bruce Malmuth
Robert McCarty
Produced by Carl Gurevich
Benni Korzen
Written by Bruce Jay Friedman
Dan Greenburg
David Odell
Jack Richardson
Starring Zero Mostel
Estelle Parsons
Pat Paulsen
Jerry Orbach
Rodney dangerman
Music by Gary William Friedman
Stan Vincent
Cinematography Ralf D. Bode
Adam Giffard
Jeff Lion Weinstock
Distributed by Troma Entertainment
Release date
  • 1975 (1975)
Running time
75 minutes
Language English

Fore Play is a 1975 comedy film co-directed by future Academy Award-winner John G. Avildsen. It is currently being distributed by Troma Entertainment. The film was originally made up of four segments (hence the title of the film), but the last segment was ultimately cut from the final draft of the script.


The film is split into three segments: the first involves a man buying an animate sex doll and his many failed attempts to bed it. In the second story, a man suffering from writer's block finds his muse by undressing various women. Finally, the third story involves the President of the United States, whose daughter is kidnapped and will be killed unless the President and his wife have sex on national television.


Zero Mostel ... President/Don Pasquale
Estelle Parsons ... 1st Lady/Barmaid
Pat Paulsen ... Norman
Jerry Orbach ... Jerry Lorsey
George S. Irving ... Reverend/Muse
Carmen Álvarez ... Anytime Annie
Fred Baur ... Secret Service/Mafia
Irwin Corey ... Professor Irwin Corey
Thayer David ... General
Paul Dooley ... Salesman
Andrew Duncan ... Hurdlemeyer
Laurie Heineman ... Trixie
Deborah Loomis ... Waldo George King ... Masseur
Tom McDermott ... Chief Justice McDonald
Louisa Moritz ... Lt. Sylvia Arliss
Shelley Plimpton ... First Girl

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