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A forehead kiss

A forehead kiss is a social kissing gesture to indicate friendship and/or to denote comforting someone.[1] A forehead kiss is a sign of adoration and affection. The forehead kiss says "I care about you" without having to actually say it. Forehead kiss shows a person you actually care and love them without the sexual appetite for the partner. A kiss on the forehead is a lot more sincere than a kiss on the cheek or lips. A kiss on the cheeks is often without any feelings. It is platonic, without any attachment. A kiss on the lips is most definitely sexual, it means they want more of it and they expect you to reciprocate. A kiss on the hand is usually done either as a formality or for romantic purposes with the hopes of leading to something more. But a kiss on the forehead is their way of saying that they don’t need anything from you, that they are totally committed to you.[2] In some Arabic culture, the forehead kiss is a gesture of apology as well as a sign of acknowledgment of grievance on the part of the person being kissed.[3] Other regions where the forehead kiss has been noted is in Kurdish societies wherein it is usually the older person kissing the younger person on the forehead.[4][5] Likewise, the forehead kiss is a more acceptable, and subtle, public display of affection. It allows for emotion and passion to be passed from one partner to another, without involving the eyes of those around them like other public displays of affection would.

However, it has been argued that the act of kissing a persons forehead is not romantic. Instead such an act is purely neutral and should not be used when trying to transfer feelings of emotion, lust, love, or so on. It's been said to lack certain qualities that make other kisses more romantic and therefore should not be thought of as a gesture for expressing non-platonic love. It is even stated that the kiss is used as a means of imposing distance in certain situations.[6]

Use in media[edit]

The forehead kiss has been used in many different forms of media. In the film medium, the forehead kiss exists in horror, comedy, science thriller, and other genres. Likewise, if someone is in search of a meaningful quote regarding forehead kisses and what they can represent, searching on Pinterest will reveal a myriad of choices; all of which, seem to tackle a different sector of the forehead kiss. In its use here, sector is referring to the different meanings the kiss can have, like friendship, love, and non-sexual attachment.

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