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Foreign-trade zones of the United States

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1937 poster celebrating the United States' first foreign trade zone, Staten Island

In the United States, a foreign-trade zone (FTZ) is a geographical area, in (or adjacent to) a United States Port of Entry, where commercial merchandise, both domestic and foreign, receives the same Customs treatment it would if it were outside the commerce of the United States. The purpose of such zones is to help American businesses to be competitive in the global economy by reducing tariff burdens on the importation of foreign inputs and on exported finished products.[1] Another definition of an FTZ states that it is an isolated, enclosed and policed area operated as a public utility, furnished with facilities for loading, unloading, handling, storing, manipulating, manufacturing and exhibiting goods and for reshipping them by land, water or air.[2] Merchandise of every description may be held in the zone without being subject to tariffs (customs duties) and other ad valorem taxes. This tariff and tax relief is designed to lower the costs of U.S.-based operations engaged in international trade and thereby create and retain the employment and capital investment opportunities that result from those operations.

These special geographic areas – foreign-trade zones – are established "in or adjacent to" U.S. Ports of Entry and are under the supervision of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection under the United States Homeland Security Council. The relevant state government must also have passed a law enabling the establishment of such zones.

Since 1986, U.S. customs' oversight of FTZ operations has been conducted on an audit-inspection basis known as compliance reviews, whereby compliance is assured through audits and spot checks under a surety bond, rather than through on-site supervision by customs personnel.[3]

There are over 230 foreign-trade zone projects and nearly 400 subzones in the United States.[4][5][6]


The U.S. foreign-trade zones program was created by the Foreign-Trade Zones Act of 1934. The Foreign-Trade Zones Act was one of two key pieces of legislation passed in 1934 in an attempt to mitigate some of the destructive effects of the Smoot-Hawley Tariffs, which had been imposed in 1930. The Foreign-Trade Zones Act was created to "expedite and encourage foreign commerce" in the United States.

Through World War II, manufacturing activity was allowed only on a very limited basis. In 1950, the original act was amended to open up FTZs to manufacturing, but it had little impact until 1980. In that year, Congress again amended the act so that products manufactured in the zones would not be assessed on U.S. value-added. This ensured that the only tariffs a producer inside the zone selling to U.S. customers would pay, would be on the raw materials imported into the zone. This "integrated" model, which replaced the previous "island" model, spurred growth in the U.S. foreign-trade zones program.[4]


U.S. FTZs pose multiple benefits, other than duty deferred and inverted tariff, which companies can use to benefit their bottom line. However, a majority of companies are not utilizing FTZs to their full potential because sometimes the unknown creates uncertainty.[7]

Some of the benefits of operating a FTZ include:[8]

  • Improved inventory management
  • Automated recordkeeping and document storage
  • Increased visibility of the supply chain
  • Improved cash flow
  • Improved company compliance
  • Lessened U.S. regulatory agency requirements for re-export

Inverted tariff[edit]

Inverted tariff benefits exist when the duty rate for the overall finished good is lower than the duty rate of the component parts. Therefore, by manufacturing finished goods within an FTZ, US importers can take advantage of the inverted tariff duty rate, all while keeping manufacturing operations within the US. Inverted tariff works when an importer with manufacturing authority within an FTZ is allowed to admit their components into the zone duty-free, manufacture the finished good, and pay CBP duties on the foreign content in the finished good at the lower duty rate of the finished goods at the time of entry. The importer avoids paying the higher duty rate on the component parts and defers the lower duty payment on the value of the foreign content until the time of consumption in the commerce of the US. Inverted tariff is seen predominantly in the manufacturing industry, benefiting automotive, petroleum, pharmaceutical, aerospace, electronics, textile companies and many more.[9]

Business in FTZs[edit]

Any company in any industry can apply to be a part of an FTZ. Companies importing to the U.S. on a regular basis and in high volume are the main participants. It is a way to reduce importing costs and save money by participating in special customs procedures and simplifies processes to run more efficient inventory control systems.

The process to register into one used to be lengthy — 9 to 12 months, depending on the industry and if a FTZ is being created or if you are participating in one that already exists.[10] This changed in 2011, when Alternative Site Framework (ASF) was introduced.

Alternative Site Framework[edit]

Alternative Site Framework (ASF) provides a streamlined process for foreign-trade zone grantees to quickly expand operations within their given service area. Grantees that have transitioned over to ASF are granted 2,000 "virtual" acres to designate sites within their service area, sometimes as quickly as thirty (30) days. As opposed to the Traditional Site Framework, this ASF option doesn't require a grantee to go through a traditional boundary modification for expansion purposes.[11] Companies now have the option to select between establishing their business in a usage-driven site or a magnet site.

Usage-driven sites[edit]

Usage-driven sites are sites within a grantee's service area, that must go through a designation and activation process with the grantee and the Foreign-Trade Zone Board prior to initiating operations. Under ASF, usage-driven sites replace the role that subzones once held – allowing companies to operate under FTZ status while being located outside of what used to be called "general purpose zones" or now known as magnet sites under ASF.[12]

Magnet sites[edit]

Magnet sites are usually industrial parks or multi-tenant sites within a grantee's service area, which have already been designated by the Foreign-Trade Zone Board. Once a company that's established in said industrial park wants to operate as an FTZ, it must only go through the designation process with the help of the grantee and local customs. Under ASF, magnet sites replace the role that general purpose zones once held – industrial parks that serve commerce as a public utility.


A foreign-trade subzone is an area approved by the Foreign-Trade Zones Board for use by a specific company. Foreign-trade subzone companies enjoy all the same benefits as foreign-trade zone companies, but subzones are located outside existing general-purpose sites within 60 miles of the port of entry. Subzones allow companies that import and/or re-export products to take advantage of foreign-trade zone benefits without having to physically relocate within the foreign-trade zone general purpose sites. These sites are becoming obsolete with the implementation of ASF.

Alternate options – file for drawback[edit]

Companies have the ability, utilizing drawback filings, to recoup up to 99% of the duties paid on goods previously imported into the US, that are later exported and drawback can be claimed for goods exported up to three years prior to filing a claim with customs.[13]

List of zones[edit]

Foreign-trade zones in the United States[14]
State Zone Grantee CBP port of entry
Alabama FTZ 82 City of Mobile Mobile
Alabama FTZ 83 Huntsville-Madison County Airport Authority Huntsville
Alabama FTZ 98 City of Birmingham Birmingham
Alabama FTZ 222 Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce Birmingham
Alabama FTZ 233 Dothan-Houston County Foreign-Trade Zone, Inc. Panama City
Alaska FTZ 108 City of Valdez Valdez
Alaska FTZ 160 Port of Anchorage Anchorage
Alaska FTZ 195 Fairbanks Economic Development Corp. Fairbanks
Alaska FTZ 232 Kodiak Island Borough Kodiak
Arizona FTZ 60 Nogales-Santa Cruz County Economic Development Foundation, Inc. Nogales
Arizona FTZ 75 City of Phoenix Phoenix
Arizona FTZ 139 Arizona Regional Economic Development Foundation Naco
Arizona FTZ 174 Sun Corridor, Inc. Tucson
Arizona FTZ 219 Greater Yuma Economic Development Corp. San Luis
Arizona FTZ 221 City of Mesa Phoenix
Arizona FTZ 277 Greater Maricopa Foreign Trade Zone, Inc. Phoenix
Arkansas FTZ 14 Arkansas Department of Industrial Development Little Rock
Arkansas FTZ 273 City of West Memphis Public Facilities Board Memphis
California FTZ 3 San Francisco Port Commission San Francisco
California FTZ 18 City of San Jose San Jose
California FTZ 50 Board of Harbor Commissioners of the Port of Long Beach Los Angeles / Long Beach
California FTZ 56 City of Oakland San Francisco
California FTZ 143 Port of Sacramento Sacramento
California FTZ 153 City of San Diego San Diego
California FTZ 191 City of Palmdale Economic Development Los Angeles / Long Beach
California FTZ 202 Board of Harbor Commissioners of the City of Los Angeles Los Angeles / Long Beach
California FTZ 205 Board of Harbor Commissioners, Oxnard Harbor District Port Hueneme
California FTZ 226 Board of Supervisors of the County of Merced Fresno
California FTZ 231 Port of Stockton Stockton
California FTZ 236 City of Palm Springs Palm Springs
California FTZ 243 City of Victorville Victorville
California FTZ 244 March Joint Powers Authority Los Angeles / Long Beach
California FTZ 248 City of Eureka Eureka
California FTZ 257 County of Imperial Calexico
California FTZ 276 Kern County Meadows Field Airport
Colorado FTZ 112 Colorado Springs Foreign-Trade Zone, Inc. Denver
Colorado FTZ 123 City and County of Denver Denver
Colorado FTZ 293 Town of Limon Denver
Connecticut FTZ 71 Economic and Industrial Development Commission of Windsor Locks Hartford
Connecticut FTZ 76 Bridgeport Port Authority Bridgeport
Connecticut FTZ 162 Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce New Haven
Connecticut FTZ 208 New London Foreign Trade Zone Commission New London
Delaware FTZ 99 State of Delaware Wilmington
Florida FTZ 25 Broward County Port Everglades
Florida FTZ 32 Greater Miami Foreign Trade Zone, Inc. Miami
Florida FTZ 42 Greater Orlando Aviation Authority Orlando
Florida FTZ 64 Jacksonville Port Authority Jacksonville
Florida FTZ 65 Panama City Port Authority Panama City
Florida FTZ 79 City of Tampa Tampa
Florida FTZ 135 Port of Palm Beach District West Palm Beach
Florida FTZ 136 Canaveral Port Authority Port Canaveral
Florida FTZ 166 Vision Foreign-Trade Zone, Inc. Miami
Florida FTZ 169 Manatee County Port Authority Port Manatee
Florida FTZ 180 Wynwood Community Economic Development Corp. Miami
Florida FTZ 193 Pinellas County Economic Development St. Petersburg
Florida FTZ 198 Volusia County Foreign-Trade Zone Daytona Beach
Florida FTZ 213 Lee County Port Authority Fort Myers
Florida FTZ 215 Sebring Airport Authority Port Manatee
Florida FTZ 218 Treasure Coast Foreign Trade Zone, Inc. Fort Pierce Station
Florida FTZ 241 City of Fort Lauderdale Port Everglades
Florida FTZ 249 Pensacola-Escambia County Promotion & Development Commission Pensacola
Florida FTZ 250 Sanford Airport Authority Sanford
Florida FTZ 281 Miami-Dade County Miami
Florida FTZ 292 City of Leesburg Leesburg
Georgia FTZ 26 Georgia Foreign-Trade Zone, Inc. Atlanta
Georgia FTZ 104 World Trade Center Savannah, LLC Savannah
Georgia FTZ 144 Brunswick and Glynn County Development Authority Brunswick
Hawaii FTZ 9 State of Hawaii Honolulu
Idaho FTZ 242 County of Boundary Eastport
Idaho FTZ 280 Southwest Idaho Manufacturers’ Alliance Boise
Illinois FTZ 22 Illinois International Port District Chicago
Illinois FTZ 31 America’s Central Port District St. Louis
Illinois FTZ 114 Economic Development Council for Central Illinois Peoria
Illinois FTZ 133 Quad-City Foreign-Trade Zone, Inc. Davenport / Moline / Rock Island
Illinois FTZ 146 Bi-State Authority Evansville
Illinois FTZ 176 Greater Rockford Airport Authority Rockford
Illinois FTZ 245 Economic Development Corporation of Decatur & Macon County Decatur
Illinois FTZ 271 Jo-Carroll Foreign Trade Zone Board Davenport / Moline / Rock Island
Indiana FTZ 72 Indianapolis Airport Authority Indianapolis
Indiana FTZ 125 St. Joseph County Airport Authority Chicago
Indiana FTZ 152 Ports of Indiana Chicago
Indiana FTZ 170 Ports of Indiana Louisville
Indiana FTZ 177 Ports of Indiana Evansville
Indiana FTZ 182 City of Fort Wayne Fort Wayne
Iowa FTZ 107 The Iowa Foreign Trade Zone Corp. Des Moines
Iowa FTZ 133 Quad-City Foreign-Trade Zone, Inc. Davenport / Moline / Rock Island
Iowa FTZ 175 Cedar Rapids Airport Commission Des Moines
Iowa FTZ 288 Northwest Iowa Development Corp. Sioux Falls
Kansas FTZ 17 Greater Kansas City FTZ, Inc. Kansas City
Kansas FTZ 161 Board of Commissioners of Sedgwick County Wichita
Kentucky FTZ 29 Louisville & Jefferson County Riverport Authority Louisville
Kentucky FTZ 47 Greater Cincinnati FTZ, Inc. Cincinnati
Kentucky FTZ 294 Paducah-McCracken County Riverport Authority Evansville
Louisiana FTZ 2 Board of Commissioners of the Port of New Orleans New Orleans
Louisiana FTZ 87 Lake Charles Harbor & Terminal District Lake Charles
Louisiana FTZ 124 Port of South Louisiana Gramercy
Louisiana FTZ 145 Caddo-Bossier Parishes Port Commission Shreveport
Louisiana FTZ 154 Greater Baton Rouge Port Commission Baton Rouge
Louisiana FTZ 261 England Economic & Industrial Development District Morgan City
Louisiana FTZ 279 Houma-Terrebonne Airport Commission Morgan City
Louisiana FTZ 291 Cameron Parish Port, Harbor and Terminal District Lake Charles
Maine FTZ 58 City of Bangor Bangor
Maine FTZ 179 Madawaska Foreign Trade Zone Corp. Madawaska
Maine FTZ 186 City of Waterville Belfast
Maine FTZ 263 Lewiston-Auburn Economic Growth Council Portland
Maine FTZ 282 Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority Portland
Maryland FTZ 63 Prince George’s County Government Washington, DC
Maryland FTZ 73 Maryland Department of Transportation Baltimore
Maryland FTZ 74 City of Baltimore Baltimore
Maryland FTZ 255 Cascade Properties & Washington County Board of Commissioners Baltimore
Massachusetts FTZ 27 Massachusetts Port Authority Boston
Massachusetts FTZ 28 City of New Bedford New Bedford
Massachusetts FTZ 201 City of Holyoke Springfield
Michigan FTZ 16 Economic Development Corp. of Sault Ste. Marie Sault Ste. Marie
Michigan FTZ 43 City of Battle Creek Battle Creek
Michigan FTZ 70 Greater Detroit Foreign-Trade Zone, Inc. Detroit
Michigan FTZ 140 City of Flint Saginaw / Bay City / Flint
Michigan FTZ 189 KOM Foreign Trade Zone Authority Grand Rapids
Michigan FTZ 210 Economic Development Alliance of St. Clair County Port Huron
Michigan FTZ 275 Capital Region Airport Authority Lansing
Minnesota FTZ 51 Duluth Seaway Port Authority Duluth
Minnesota FTZ 119 Greater Metropolitan Area FTZ Commission Minneapolis
Minnesota FTZ 259 Koochiching Economic Development Authority International Falls
Mississippi FTZ 92 Mississippi Coast Foreign-Trade Zone, Inc. Gulfport
Mississippi FTZ 158 Greater Mississippi Foreign-Trade Zone, Inc. Jackson
Mississippi FTZ 262 Northern Mississippi FTZ, Inc. Memphis
Mississippi FTZ 287 Tunica County Memphis
Missouri FTZ 15 Greater Kansas City FTZ, Inc. Kansas City
Missouri FTZ 102 St. Louis County Port Authority St. Louis
Missouri FTZ 225 City of Springfield Airport Board Springfield
Montana FTZ 88 Great Falls International Airport Authority Great Falls
Montana FTZ 187 Northern Express Transportation, Inc. Sweetgrass
Montana FTZ 274 City and County of Butte-Silver Bow Butte-Silver Bow
Nebraska FTZ 19 Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce Omaha
Nebraska FTZ 59 Lincoln Chamber of Commerce Omaha
Nevada FTZ 89 Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance Las Vegas
Nevada FTZ 126 Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada Reno
New Hampshire FTZ 81 Pease Development Authority Portsmouth
New Jersey FTZ 44 State of New Jersey New York / Newark
New Jersey FTZ 49 Port Authority of New York and New Jersey New York / Newark
New Jersey FTZ 142 South Jersey Port Corporation Salem, New Jersey/Philadelphia
New Jersey FTZ 200 County of Mercer Philadelphia
New Jersey FTZ 235 Township of Lakewood Philadelphia
New Mexico FTZ 110 City of Albuquerque Aviation Department Albuquerque
New Mexico FTZ 197 Board of County Commissioners of Dona Ana County Santa Teresa
New York FTZ 1 City of New York New York / Newark
New York FTZ 23 County of Erie Buffalo
New York FTZ 34 Niagara County Industrial Development Agency Buffalo
New York FTZ 37 County of Orange New York / Newark
New York FTZ 52 Suffolk County John F. Kennedy International Airport
New York FTZ 54 Clinton County Area Development Corp. Champlain
New York FTZ 90 County of Onondaga Syracuse
New York FTZ 109 Jefferson County Industrial Development Agency Alexandria Bay
New York FTZ 118 Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority Ogdensburg
New York FTZ 121 Capital District Regional Planning Commission Albany
New York FTZ 141 County of Monroe Rochester
New York FTZ 172 County of Oneida Utica
New York FTZ 284 Genesee Gateway Local Development Corp. Rochester
New York FTZ 285 Chenango County Syracuse
New York FTZ 289 Ontario County Rochester
New York FTZ 290 Cortland County Syracuse
North Carolina FTZ 57 Charlotte Regional Partnership, Inc. Charlotte
North Carolina FTZ 93 Triangle J Council of Governments Raleigh / Durham
North Carolina FTZ 214 North Carolina Department of Transportation Morehead City / Beaufort
North Carolina FTZ 230 Piedmont Triad Partnership Winston-Salem
North Dakota FTZ 103 Grand Forks Region Economic Development Corp. Pembina
North Dakota FTZ 267 Municipal Airport Authority of the City of Fargo Fargo
Ohio FTZ 8 Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority Toledo / Sandusky
Ohio FTZ 40 Cleveland Cuyahoga County Port Authority Cleveland
Ohio FTZ 46 Greater Cincinnati FTZ, Inc. Cincinnati
Ohio FTZ 100 Greater Dayton Foreign-Trade Zone, Inc. Dayton
Ohio FTZ 101 AMES Material Services, Inc. Dayton
Ohio FTZ 138 Columbus Regional Airport Authority Columbus
Ohio FTZ 151 Findlay/Hancock County Chamber of Commerce Toledo / Sandusky
Ohio FTZ 181 Northeast Ohio Trade & Economic Consortium Cleveland
Ohio FTZ 270 Lawrence County Port Authority Charleston
Oklahoma FTZ 53 City of Tulsa Tulsa
Oklahoma FTZ 106 Port Authority of the Greater Oklahoma City Area Oklahoma City
Oklahoma FTZ 164 Muskogee City-County Port Authority Tulsa
Oklahoma FTZ 227 Rural Enterprises of Oklahoma, Inc. Dallas / Fort Worth
Oregon FTZ 45 Port of Portland Portland
Oregon FTZ 132 International Port of Coos Bay Commission Coos Bay
Pennsylvania FTZ 24 Eastern Distribution Center, Inc. Wilkes-Barre / Scranton
Pennsylvania FTZ 33 Regional Industrial Development Corporation of Southwestern Pennsylvania Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania FTZ 35 Philadelphia Regional Port Authority Philadelphia
Pennsylvania FTZ 147 FTZ Corp. of Southern Pennsylvania Harrisburg
Pennsylvania FTZ 247 Erie-Western Pennsylvania Port Authority Erie
Pennsylvania FTZ 254 North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania FTZ 272 Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corp. Lehigh Valley
Pennsylvania FTZ 295 Pennsylvania Foreign Trade Zone Corp. Pittsburgh
Puerto Rico FTZ 7 Puerto Rico Industrial Development Corp. Mayaguez
Puerto Rico FTZ 61 Puerto Rico Trade and Export Co. San Juan
Puerto Rico FTZ 163 CODEZOL C.D. Ponce
Rhode Island FTZ 105 Rhode Island Economic Development Corp. Providence
South Carolina FTZ 21 South Carolina State Ports Authority Charleston
South Carolina FTZ 38 South Carolina State Ports Authority Greenville / Spartanburg
South Carolina FTZ 127 Richland-Lexington Airport District Columbia
South Dakota FTZ 220 Sioux Falls Development Foundation Sioux Falls
Tennessee FTZ 77 City of Memphis Memphis
Tennessee FTZ 78 Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County Nashville
Tennessee FTZ 138 Chattanooga Chamber Foundation Chattanooga
Tennessee FTZ 148 Industrial Development Board of Blount County and the Cities of Alcoa and Maryville Knoxville
Tennessee FTZ 204 Tri-Cities Airport Authority Tri-Cities Airport
Tennessee FTZ 223 Memphis International Trade Development Corp. Memphis
Tennessee FTZ 78 Metropolitan Government of Nashville & Davidson County Shelbyville
Tennessee FTZ 283 Northwest Tennessee Regional Port Authority Memphis
Texas FTZ 12 McAllen Foreign Trade Zone McAllen / Hidalgo County
Texas FTZ 36 Board of Trustees of the Galveston Wharves Houston
Texas FTZ 39 Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Board Dallas / Fort Worth
Texas FTZ 62 Brownsville Navigation District Brownsville / Los Indios
Texas FTZ 68 City of El Paso El Paso
Texas FTZ 80 City of San Antonio Economic Development Dept. San Antonio
Texas FTZ 84 Port of Houston Authority Houston
Texas FTZ 94 City of Laredo Laredo
Texas FTZ 95 Starr County Industrial Foundation Rio Grande City
Texas FTZ 96 City of Eagle Pass Eagle Pass
Texas FTZ 113 Ellis County Trade Zone Corp. Dallas / Fort Worth
Texas FTZ 115 Foreign-Trade Zone of Southeast Texas, Inc. Port Arthur
Texas FTZ 116 Foreign-Trade Zone of Southeast Texas, Inc. Port Arthur
Texas FTZ 117 Foreign-Trade Zone of Southeast Texas, Inc. Port Arthur
Texas FTZ 122 Port of Corpus Christi Authority Corpus Christi
Texas FTZ 149 Port Freeport Freeport
Texas FTZ 150 Westport Economic Development Corp. El Paso
Texas FTZ 155 Calhoun-Victoria Foreign-Trade Zone, Inc. Port Lavaca / Port Comfort
Texas FTZ 156 City of Weslaco Progreso
Texas FTZ 165 City of Midland Midland
Texas FTZ 168 Metroplex International Trade Dallas / Fort Worth
Texas FTZ 171 Liberty County Economic Development Corp. Houston
Texas FTZ 183 Foreign Trade Zone of Central Texas, Inc. Austin
Texas FTZ 196 Alliance Corridor, Inc. Alliance Airport
Texas FTZ 199 Texas City Foreign-Trade Zone Corp. Houston
Texas FTZ 234 Gregg County Shreveport / Bossier City
Texas FTZ 246 City of Waco Dallas / Fort Worth
Texas FTZ 252 City of Amarillo Amarillo
Texas FTZ 258 TexAmericas Center Shreveport / Bossier City
Texas FTZ 260 City of Lubbock Lubbock
Texas FTZ 265 City of Conroe Houston
Texas FTZ 269 Athens Economic Development Corp. Dallas / Fort Worth
Texas FTZ 297 City of Lufkin Port Arthur / Beaumont
Utah FTZ 30 Salt Lake City Corp. Salt Lake City
Vermont FTZ 55 Greater Burlington Industrial Corp. Burlington International Airport
Vermont FTZ 268 Brattleboro Foreign-Trade Zone LLC Springfield
Vermont FTZ 286 Northeastern Vermont Development Association Derby Line
Virginia FTZ 20 Virginia Port Authority Norfolk / Newport News
Virginia FTZ 137 Washington Dulles Foreign-Trade Zone Washington Dulles International Airport
Virginia FTZ 185 County of Culpeper Front Royal
Virginia FTZ 207 Capital Region Airport Commission Richmond / Petersburg
Virginia FTZ 238 New River Valley Economic Development Alliance, Inc. New River Valley Airport
Washington FTZ 5 Port of Seattle Commission Puget Sound
Washington FTZ 85 Port of Everett Puget Sound
Washington FTZ 86 Port of Tacoma Puget Sound
Washington FTZ 120 Cowlitz Economic Development Council Longview
Washington FTZ 128 Lummi Indian Business Council Puget Sound
Washington FTZ 129 Port of Bellingham Blaine
Washington FTZ 173 Port of Grays Harbor Aberdeen
Washington FTZ 203 Moses Lake Public Corp. Port of Moses Lake
Washington FTZ 212 Puyallup Tribal Foreign-Trade Zone Corp. Puget Sound
Washington FTZ 216 Port of Olympia Puget Sound
Washington FTZ 224 Spokane Airport Board Spokane
Washington FTZ 296 Port of Vancouver USA Portland
West Virginia FTZ 229 West Virginia Economic Development Authority Charleston
West Virginia FTZ 240 West Virginia Economic Development Authority Front Royal
Wisconsin FTZ 41 Port of Milwaukee Milwaukee
Wisconsin FTZ 167 Brown County Green Bay
Wisconsin FTZ 266 Dane County Milwaukee
Wyoming FTZ 157 Natrona County International Airport Natrona County Airport

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