Foreign Affairs Leading Group

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Foreign Affairs Leading Group
Danghui R.svg
Formation 1981
Type Supra-ministerial policy coordination and consultation body
  • Beijing
Xi Jinping
Deputy Leaders
Li Yuanchao
Chief of General Office
Yang Jiechi
Parent organization
Central Committee of the Communist Party of China
Subsidiaries The Foreign Affairs Office

The Foreign Affairs Leading (Small) Group (FALG or FALSG) (simplified Chinese: 中央外事工作领导小组; traditional Chinese: 中央外事工作領導小組; pinyin: Zhōngyāng Wàishì Gōngzuò Lǐngdǎo Xiǎozǔ) is a ad hoc supra-ministerial policy coordination and consultation body of the Communist Party of China that exercises general oversight on matters related to foreign affairs. It is currently chaired by Party General Secretary and President Xi Jinping, who is assisted by Vice President Li Yuanchao, and its membership includes officials of minister-rank and above.

The FALG became much more important in the 1990s as the PRC leadership became much more institutionalized and less focused on factional and informal politics. Since 1993 the leader of the group had also served as General Secretary of the Communist Party of China and President of the People's Republic of China.

The main execution body of the FALG is the Foreign Affairs Office.

Current Membership[edit]

Since November 2012

List of Leaders[edit]

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