Foreign Correspondents' Club, Phnom Penh

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The Foreign Correspondents' Club in Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia, is a public bar and restaurant along the Tonle Sap river, not far from the conjunction with the Mekong river. It is often referred to as 'the FCC,' or just simply 'the F.'

It is in a three-storey colonial-style building with wonderful views over the river.

The FCC in Phnom Penh is not a private club, like other Foreign Correspondents' Clubs around the world, but members from reciprocal clubs (like the FCC Hong Kong) get a 10% discount on food and drinks.

The FCC in Phnom Penh has nine hotel rooms. They also have a hotel, restaurant and bar in Siem Reap, the gateway to Angkor Wat.

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