Foreign Land (film)

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Foreign Land
Foreign Land (DVD cover).jpg
DVD cover
Directed byWalter Salles
Daniela Thomas
Written byMarcos Bernstein
Millor Fernandes
Walter Salles
Daniela Thomas
StarringAlberto Alexandre
CinematographyWalter Carvalho
Edited byFelipe Lacerda
Walter Salles
Release date
  • 1995 (1995)
Running time
100 minutes

Foreign Land (Portuguese: Terra Estrangeira) is a 1995 Brazilian action film directed by Walter Salles and Daniela Thomas.[1]



Foreign Land (Terra Estrangeira), directed by Walter Salles and Daniela Thomas, is a story of fate, one of the foreign lands of the title. It’s a compelling tale accompanied by some great cinematography by Walter Carvalho and a fine choice of suitably melancholic fado tunes by José Miguel Wisnik. It is also something of a homage in a wider sense to the movement of people and the idea and importance of belonging... Foreign Land has some great scenes, beautiful imagery and fine performances (especially from Melo) and all in all it’s well worth rediscovering this early gem from one of Brazil’s most-in-demand directors, Walter Salles.

—Sounds and Colours[2]


Foreign Land has the rank of two out of five stars on AllMovie.[3]


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