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Foreign Languages Publishing House
Foreign Languages Publishing House.png
Chosŏn'gŭl 외국문출판사
Hancha 外國文出版社
Revised Romanization Oegungmun-chulpansa
McCune–Reischauer Oegungmun-ch'ulp'ansa

The Foreign Languages Publishing House (FLPH) is the central North Korean publishing bureau of foreign-language documents, located in the Potonggang-guyok of Pyongyang, North Korea.[1] It employs a small group of foreigners to revise translations of North Korean texts so as to make those texts suitable for foreign-language publication.

The publishing house is under the control of the Propaganda and Agitation Department of the Workers' Party of Korea, which also makes decisions concerning its staff.[2]

Foreign Languages Publishing House maintains the Naenara and Publications of the DPRK web portals,[3][4] and publishes the periodicals Korea (ko), Korea Today, Foreign Trade of the DPRK, and the newspaper Pyongyang Times.[2]

Foreign Languages Publishing House has a sports team in the Paektusan Prize civil servants games.[5]

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  • Progress Publishers – a Soviet printing house which published books and pamphlets in English on a wide range of topics


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