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Seychelles follows a policy of what it describes as "positive" nonalignment and strongly supports the principle of reduced superpower presence in the Indian Ocean. The Seychelles government is one of the proponents of the Indian Ocean zone of peace concept and it has promoted an end to the United States presence on Diego Garcia. The country has adopted a pragmatic policy, however, and serves as an important rest and recreation stop for US ships serving in the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean. Seychelles' foreign policy position has placed it generally toward the left of the spectrum within the Non-Aligned Movement. Russia, the United Kingdom, France, India, the People's Republic of China, Libya and Cuba maintain embassies in Victoria.

The government of the Seychelles withdrew diplomatic recognition of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic on March 17, 2008, according to an official government source.[1]

Bilateral relations[edit]


Armenia-Seychelles relations

  • Diplomatic relations between the two countries were established on April 19, 2006.[2]


Both countries established diplomatic relations on 11 September 1991.[3]


Seychelles has an embassy in Beijing. China maintains an embassy in the Seychellois capital of Victoria.


Both countries established diplomatic relations on September 30, 1997.[4][5]


Cyprus-Seychelles relations


Embassy of Seychelles in Paris

Seychelles has an embassy in Paris. Seychelles claimed the French-owned Glorioso Islands in the Indian Ocean before the France–Seychelles Maritime Boundary Agreement.


Both countries established diplomatic relations on March 15, 2013[9] ref>[10]</ref>.


Greece-Seychelles relations

  • Greece is represented in Seychelles through its embassy in Nairobi, Kenya.[10]
  • Seychelles is represented in Greece through its embassy in Paris, France.[10]


In an effort to reduce the increasing piracy in the nearby region, Seychelles requested the Indian Navy to carry out anti-piracy operations in her waters.[11] This made India-Seychelles relations stronger. The Seychelles also praised the Indian Navy for their anti-piracy operations.[11]


Seychelles has a high commission in Subang Jaya.[14]

North Korea[edit]

Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between the North Korea and the Republic of Seychelles is June 28, 1976. From 1980,DPR Korea and Seychelles have a good relations in military.


Both countries established diplomatic relations on June 25, 1974.[15]


Diplomatic relations between Seychelles and the Soviet Union were established on 30 June 1976, a day after the island nation gained its independence from the United Kingdom.[16] Russia has an embassy in Victoria.[17] Seychelles is represented in Russia through its embassy in Paris (France) and an honorary consulate in Saint Petersburg.


  • Both countries have established diplomatic relations in 1977.[18]
  • A number of bilateral agreements have been concluded and are in force between both countries.[19]

South Africa[edit]

Seychelles has a High Commission in Pretoria.

South Korea[edit]

Both countries established diplomatic relations on June 28, 1976.[20]


Both countries established diplomatic relations in June 1995.[21]

United Kingdom[edit]

The Seychelles became a crown colony separate from Mauritius in 1903 and independence was granted in 1976, as a republic within the Commonwealth.

United States[edit]

Peace Corps Volunteers served in Seychelles between 1974 and 1995. A U.S. consulate was opened in May 1976 and became an Embassy after Seychelles' independence in June 1976. The Embassy was subsequently closed in August 1996, and the United States opened a consular agency on September 2, 1996 to provide services to residents of Seychelles. The agency is under the supervision of the American Embassy in Port Louis, Mauritius. The U.S. Ambassador to Mauritius also is accredited to Seychelles. Seychelles cooperates with the United States in many areas of security and previously allowed the basing of non-armed drones in its territory.  This article incorporates public domain material from the United States Department of State website (Background Notes).[11]


President James Alix Michel’s official visited to Vietnam in August, 2013. The statement says this is an official visit to Vietnam made by a high-ranking leader of Seychelles.[22]

The Seychelles and the Commonwealth of Nations[edit]

The Seychelles is a member state of the Commonwealth of Nations.

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