Foreness Point

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Foreness Point as seen from Botany Bay. Picture taken at low tide.

Foreness Point is a low headland on the coast of Kent in England. It extends a short distance into the entrance of the Thames Estuary, on the north coast of Thanet, between Palm Bay in Cliftonville and Botany Bay in Broadstairs. Off the point there is a reef, exposed at low tide, known as Long Nose Spit, where common periwinkles are collected by the public as a food item.[1] There is a water treatment plant on the headland.

There have been a number of shipwrecks in this location. In 1857 the transatlantic passenger ship Northern Belle was wrecked off the point. In 1907 the Norwegian ship Coronel ran aground: it was later refloated and returned to service.[2] In 1934 the British ship Orchis ran aground, and was also later refloated and returned to service.[2]

During the Second World War there was a Chain Home Low radar station at Foreness.[3]


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Coordinates: 51°23′40″N 1°25′40″E / 51.39444°N 1.42778°E / 51.39444; 1.42778