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Foreningen Norden (Norwegian and Danish), Föreningen Norden (Swedish), Norræna félagið (Icelandic), Norrøna Felagið (Faroese), Peqatigiiffik Norden (Greenlandic) and Pohjola-Norden (Finnish), The Nordic Associations, sometimes referred to as The Norden Associations are non-governmental organisations in the Nordic countries promoting civil cooperation between the Nordic countries. Established since 1919, there are Nordic Associations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark (inclusive Southern Schleswig), Finland, Iceland, Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Åland. Since 1965 these national branches are grouped in an umbrella organisation Foreningene Nordens Forbund (FNF), The Confederation of Nordic Associations. The co-operation between the Nordic countries include projetcs such as Nordjobb, Nordic Library Week and Norden at the Cinema.

History and mission[edit]

The first three Nordic Associations were established in Denmark, Norway and Sweden in 1919, soon followed by Iceland (1922) and Finland (1924). Associations were later set up also in autonomous areas of the Faroe Islands (1951), Åland (1979) and Greenland (1991).

All Nordic Associations have a common aim at promoting Nordic co-operation. This includes nurturing the sense of cultural affinity and, especially in the past, lobbying for open borders in the region. Typical activities are related to awareness raising about language, culture and social conditions in the Nordic countries. The sections publish quarterly magazines Magasinet Norden in Norway, Nordens Tidning in Sweden, Norden Nu in Denmark and Pohjola-Norden in Finland.[1]

Associations are responsible for a range of cultural events including the annual literary festival Nordisk bibliotekuke[2] which was organised in conjunction with the PR-Foreningen for Nordiske Biblioteker up to 2009.[3] The festival was accompanied by an annual teddy bear event for children with a bear provided by Bukowski Design of Stockholm.

The Confederation of Nordic Associations[edit]

The Confederation of Nordic Associations is an umbrella organisation for the national Nordic associations and the Youth League of the Nordic Associations (FNU). It also co-operates with Eesti Põhjala Ühing (the Nordic Association in Estonia), Biedrība Norden Latvija (the Nordic Association in Latvia) and the Nordic Association in Petrozavodsk. The Confederation coordinates the joint interests of the national associations, aiming at disseminating knowledge of language, culture, history and society between the Nordic countries.[1]

Fields of cooperation include the job exchange program Nordjobb and town twinning between Nordic countries.

The Nordic Association was a proponent for the establishment of the Nordic Council, a political cooperation organisation.

Regional Nordic Associations[edit]

[citation needed]

Country / Region Year established Local name Members Local divisions References
Denmark Denmark 1919 Foreningen Norden 13 000 100 [4]
Norway Norway Foreningen Norden 5 000 70 [5]
Sweden Sweden Föreningen Norden 13 000 120 [6]
Iceland Iceland 1922 Norræna félagið 30 [7]
Finland Finland 1924 Pohjola – Norden 8 000 100 [8][9][10]
Faroe Islands Faroe Islands 1951 Norrøna Felagið
Åland Islands Åland 1979 Föreningen Norden 300
Greenland Greenland 1991 Peqatigiiffik Norden


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