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Forensic Heroes
The Forensic Heroes logo, as seen in every series
Created by Mui Siu-ching
Original work Forensic Heroes (2006)
Films and television
Television series
Forensic Heroes series
Traditional Chinese 法證先鋒系列
Simplified Chinese 法证先锋系列
Literal meaning "Forensic science vanguard series"

Forensic Heroes is a series of Hong Kong TVB police procedural television dramas written by Choi Ting-ting (I–III), Chan Ching-yee (I–II), Leung Man-wah (III) and produced by Mui Siu-ching. The series follows a group of Hong Kong forensic scientists working together with the Hong Kong police to solve murders through physical evidence left over from crime scenes. Currently, two serials and one reboot installment were produced.

The series is said to be a contemporary version of the successful historical-fiction series Witness to a Prosecution (1999–2002), a drama that documents the life of Chinese forensic medical expert Song Ci. Forensic Heroes is also said to be loosely influenced by the ongoing American television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. However, unlike CSI, which uses significantly darker and bleaker lighting throughout its episodes, Forensic Heroes is presented in a brighter, more clinical atmosphere.

The series first installment, Forensic Heroes, originally ran for 25 episodes on TVB Jade from 13 June to 16 July 2006. The drama met critical acclaim and became a popular hit, with the episode finale peaking to 43 points with over 2.7 million viewers. Two years later, TVB released the subsequent sequel, Forensic Heroes II, running for 30 episodes from 19 May to 28 June 2008. Though the sequel proved successful, ratings did not break 40 points. A reboot of the original series, Forensic Heroes III premiered Monday night on 10 October 2011.

Series outline[edit]

The series follows a group of forensic scientists and senior police officers from the West Kowloon Police Headquarters. Working under the hot urban environments of Hong Kong, the investigators use scientific evidence obtained from the forensic scientists to solve crimes. The series first two installments stars Tim Sir (Bobby Au-yeung), a senior forensic chemist, and his best friend Sam Koo (Frankie Lam), a forensic pathologist and a popular detective fiction novelist. The two work closely with Senior Inspector Nicole Leung (Yoyo Mung) and Sergeant Shum Hung (Raymond Cho) of the Criminal Investigation Division. In the sequel, two new characters, Senior Inspector Bell Ma (Charmaine Sheh) and ex-EODB officer Ivan Yeung (Kevin Cheng) are added to the cast.

Though the third installment also follows a similar outline, the serial features a completely new cast.


Forensic Heroes (2006)[edit]

    • The forensics department consists of Timothy Ko (Bobby Au-yeung), Dr. Sam Koo (Frankie Lam), Lam Ting-ting (Linda Chung), Yvonne Mok (Florence Kwok), Fred Leung (Fred Cheng), Kelvin Chu (Wai Kar-hung), Jeff Lau (Deno Cheung), Man Choi (Joel Chan), Tina Chan (Candy Chiu), and Victor Ma (Leung Kin-ping).
    • The crime unit consists of Senior Inspector Nicole Leung (Yoyo Mung), Senior Inspector Wong (Au Sui-wai), Sergeant Shum Hung (Raymond Cho), Officer Josie Ling (Vivien Yeo), Officer Ho Wing-cheung (Yeung Ying-wai), Officer Terrence Lau (Eddie Li), and Officer Cheng Wai-shing (Oscar Leung).

Forensic Heroes II (2008)[edit]

    • The forensics department consists of Timothy Ko, Dr. Sam Koo, Lam Ting-ting, Yvonne Mok, Fred Leung, Jeff Lau, Tina Chan, Victor Ma, and with the additions of Ivan Yeung (Kevin Cheng) and Man Wong (Jason Chan).
    • The crime unit consists of Senior Inspector Nicole Leung, Senior Inspector Wong, Sergeant Shum Hung, Officer Josie Ling, Officer Terrence Lau, Officer Cheng Wai-shing, and with the additions of Senior Inspector Isabella Ma (Charmaine Sheh) and Officer Wilson Mok (Matthew Ko).

Forensic Heroes III (2011)[edit]

    • The forensics department consists of Jack Po (Wayne Lai), Dr. Mandy Chung (Maggie Cheung Ho-yee), Ken Ho (Edwin Siu), Angel Chiang (Aimee Chan), Paul Yau (Ram Chiang), and Sunny Suen (Ronald Law).
    • The crime unit consists of Chief Inspector Jason Ko (Geoffrey Wong), Senior Inspector Ada Ling (Kate Tsui), Sergeant Lee Chin-fung (Ron Ng), Officer Lam Hong-tsaan (Jim Tang), Officer Lai Ming-wai (Sammy Sum), Officer Lee Ka-lo (Jess Sum), and Officer Wu Sin-hang (Otto Chan).


Principal cast[edit]

Forensics Department[edit]

Role Character Installment
Forensic Laboratory Supervisor /
Senior Chemist
Timothy "Tim Sir" Ko Bobby Au-yeung  
Jack "Pro Sir" Po   Wayne Lai
Forensic S.E.O. Supervisor Yvonne Mok Florence Kwok  
Ivan Yeung   Kevin Cheng  
Paul Yau   Ram Chiang
Senior Forensic Pathologist Dr. Sam Koo Frankie Lam  
Dr. Mandy Chung   Maggie Cheung Ho-yee
Forensic Technician Lam Ting-ting Linda Chung  
Leung Siu Gong Fred Cheng  
Ken Ho   Edwin Siu
Angel Chiang   Aimee Chan

Serious Crime Unit[edit]

Role Character Installment
Senior Inspector Nicole Leung Yoyo Mung  
Isabella "Bell" Ma   Charmaine Sheh  
Ada Ling   Kate Tsui
Sergeant Shum Hung Raymond Cho  
Lee Chin-fung (Wind)   Ron Ng

Viewership ratings[edit]

Installment Episodes Timeslot Episode premiere Episode finale HK viewers
(in millions)
I 25 Monday – Friday 21:30 13 June 2006 16 July 2006 2.15 33.6
II 30 Monday – Friday 21:30 19 May 2008 28 June 2008 2.06 32.2
III 30 Monday – Friday 21:30 10 October 2011 20 November 2011 2.30 36

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