Foreskin Man

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Foreskin Man
Publication information
Publisher Male Genital Mutilation bill Comics (MGMbill Comics)
First appearance 2011
Created by Matthew Hess
In-story information
Alter ego Shane Dewhurst
Species Human
Place of origin Earth
Abilities Plasma flight boots

Foreskin Man is a comic book superhero created by Matthew Hess to protest against circumcision.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Foreskin Man's alter ego is Miles Hastwick, a former corporate scientist now curator of the Museum of Genital Integrity.[1] He is adamantly against the practice of circumcision. In the first issue, Hastwick comes up with the alter ego of Foreskin Man to fight against practitioners of circumcision and "the pro-circumcision lobby," whom he feels have gained too much power through "all of the well connected doctors and lawyers."[2] In the third issue of the comic, he teams up with a female heroine, dubbed "Vulva Girl," who fights to oppose female genital mutilation. Together, they travel to Kenya to stop tribal circumcisions. [3][4] In the fourth issue, he travels to Turkey to prevent the teenage son of a belly dancer from receiving an Islamic circumcision.[5][6] The fifth issue shows him battling against the head of a company that collects foreskins for use in cosmetics and, in the sixth issue, he goes to the Philippines to disrupt Operation Tuli. [7]


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