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Forest District is a general term for an area in the north of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. The Forest District is also referred to as The Forest. These suburbs are located within the local government area of Northern Beaches Council in Sydney's Northern Beaches region.

The Forest District is a descriptive name for the area which is located amongst the bushland of Kuring-gai Chase National Park and Garigal National Park. The regional designation is largely artificial and actual suburbs and localities that are considered to be in the "Forest District" can be somewhat amorphous and varies according to who is doing the listing.


The suburbs of the Forest District or Forest Area are:


The localities of the Forest Area or Forest District are:

  • Austlink
  • Bantry Bay


The Forest area is home to wide variety of public, Catholic, independent, specialist and alternative education schools:

State Schools

  • Kambora Public School
  • Davidson High School
  • Belrose Public School
  • Wakehurst Public School
  • Mimosa Public School
  • Frenchs Forest Public School
  • The Forest High School
  • Forestville Public School
  • Killarney Heights Public School
  • Killarney Heights High School
  • Terrey Hills Public School

Catholic Schools

  • St Martin De Porres Catholic Primary School
  • Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Primary School

Independent Schools

  • John Colet School
  • Covenant Christian School
  • Northern Beaches Christian School
  • AGBU Alexander Primary School

Specialist Schools

  • The German International School
  • Sydney Japanese School
  • Aspect Vern Barnett School

Alternative Education Schools

  • Kamaroi Rudolf Steiner School
  • Kinma School
  • Forestville Montessori School
  • Yanginanook School


Some of the associations in which people living in the Forest District participate in include:


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