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For other places with the same name, see Forest Hill station (disambiguation).
Forest Hill
BSicon LOGO SFmuni.svg
Muni Metro light rail station
Forest Hill Station-1.jpg
Forest Hill station building
Location Laguna Honda Blvd. and Dewey Blvd.
San Francisco, CA
Platforms 2 sides

36 Teresita
43 Masonic
44 O'Shaughnessy
52 Excelsior

L Owl
Disabled access Yes
Opened 1916-1918
Rebuilt November 1982 (Muni Metro)
Preceding station   BSicon LOGO SFmuni.svg Muni Metro   Following station
One-way operation
K Ingleside
toward Balboa Park
toward Embarcadero
L Taraval
M Ocean View
S Castro Shuttle
(AT&T Park game days only)
toward Sunnydale
T Third Street
One-way operation
Designated 2004[1]
Reference no. 231

Forest Hill Station is a Muni Metro station near the Forest Hill and Laguna Honda neighborhoods in San Francisco, California. It was originally built as part of the Twin Peaks Tunnel in 1916-1918, and is the oldest subway station west of Chicago.[citation needed] The original name of the station is Laguna Honda Station, and the lettering on the front façade still says “• LAGUNA · HONDA · STATION • TWIN · PEAKS · TUNNEL •”. The station consists of two side platforms next to the tracks far below the surface. Forest Hill Station is located deeper underground than any other Muni Metro station; so much so that, unlike other stations, most people use an elevator to reach the platform at Forest Hill. Unlike all other underground Muni Metro stations, there is no underground concourse mezzanine level directly above the platform level. Instead, the concourse level is in a building on the surface.

Currently, the L Taraval and M Ocean View stop at the station both inbound and outbound. The K Ingleside stops on outbound trips while the T Third Street stops on inbound ones, as the two lines are interlined following a service change on June 30, 2007.

Scenes from the films Dirty Harry (1971) and Milk (2008) were shot inside of this station.

Station layout[edit]

G Street level Exit/Entrance
Mezzanine To exits/entrances, faregates, ticket machines
Side platform, doors will open on the right
Outbound  K Ingleside toward Balboa Park (West Portal)
 L Taraval toward 46th Avenue and Wawona (West Portal)
 M Ocean View toward San Jose and Geneva / Balboa Park (West Portal)
 S Castro Shuttle toward West Portal on AT&T Park game days (terminus)
Inbound  L Taraval toward Embarcadero (Castro Street)
 M Ocean View toward Embarcadero (Castro Street)
 S Castro Shuttle toward 4th and King/Caltrain Depot on AT&T Park game days (Castro Street)
 T Third Street toward Sunnydale (Castro Street)
Side platform, doors will open on the right

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M Ocean View arriving on the Forest Hill outbound platform


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