Forest Lawn Cemetery (Buffalo)

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Forest Lawn Cemetery
Established 1849
Location 1411 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, New York 14209
Country United States
Coordinates 42°55′51″N 78°51′39″W / 42.93083°N 78.86083°W / 42.93083; -78.86083
Type Public
Owned by Forest Lawn Group
Size 269 acres (~1 km²)
Number of graves 152,000
Website Forest
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Forest Lawn Cemetery
Location 1411 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, New York 14209
NRHP Reference # 90000688[1]
Added to NRHP May 10, 1990

Forest Lawn Cemetery in Buffalo, New York was founded in 1849 by Charles E. Clarke. It covers over 269 acres (1 km²) and over 152,000 are buried there. Notable graves include U.S. President Millard Fillmore, singer Rick James, and inventor Lawrence Dale Bell. Forest Lawn is on the National Register of Historic Places.


Since its inception, Forest Lawn has served as a cemetery, park, arboretum, and outdoor museum. Monuments, mausoleums and sculptures have attracted visitors for over 150 years. The first sculpture of Seneca Indian chief Red Jacket was erected in 1851. Red Jacket is depicted wearing the richly embroidered scarlet coat presented to him by a British officer, while on his breast is displayed the large silver peace medal awarded to him by President George Washington.[2]

Every summer Forest Lawn offers "Sundays in the Cemetery" tours, each with a particular theme. Past examples have included the Pan-American Exposition Bus Tour, Forest Lawn History Bus Tour, Forest Lawn History Walk, African American Bus Tour, Civil War Bus Tour and the Forest Lawn Nature Walk.

In 2004, Frank Lloyd Wright’s 1928 design for the Blue Sky Mausoleum was realized. The Mausoleum contains 24 crypts, which can be purchased and memorialized by individual owners. The Blue Sky Mausoleum is one of three Frank Lloyd Wright memorial sculptures in the world. Sculptor David P. Dowler created a Steuben Glass piece in a limited edition of 26, of which 24 are reserved for those who purchase crypts in the Mausoleum. Crypt clients also receive a copy of architectural historian Richard O. Reisem's book, Blue Sky Mausoleum of Frank Lloyd Wright (2005).

Other mausoleums in the cemetery include:

  • Burgess-Little Mausoleum, designed by H. H. (Henry Harrison) Little.
  • Butler Mausoleum, constructed for Edward H. Butler, proprietor of the Buffalo Evening News.
  • Buswell-Hochstetter Mausoleum
  • Good Mausoleum, constructed for Daniel B. Good, who established the Seibert-Good Company in Chicago, which later consolidated with the Seymour H. Knox stores of Buffalo, N.Y. and finally amalgamated with the F.W. Woolworth Company.
  • Goodyear (Frank) Mausoleum, constructed for Frank Henry Goodyear, who, with his brother, Charles W. Goodyear, started the lumber company F. H. & C. W. Goodyear and, more notably, the Buffalo and Susquehanna Railroad.
  • Kellner Mausoleum, constructed for John. S. Kellner, president of the Crystal Ice and Storage Company.
  • Knox Mausoleum, constructed for Seymour H. Knox, co-founder of F. W. Woolworth Company.
  • Laub Mausoleum
  • Letchworth-Skinner Mausoleum
  • Mark (Mitchel H) Mausoleum, constructed for Mitchell Mark, founder of the Vitascope Theater Company
  • Oberkircher Mausoleum, constructed for Caroline Oberkircher and family.
  • Pierce (George) Mausoleum, constructed for George N. Pierce who co-founded a company known as Heinz, Pierce and Munshauer for the manufacture of refrigerators, birdcages, iceboxes and bathtubs, until leaving to establish the Pierce Cycle Company, which later became the Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Co.
  • Stachura Mausoleum, constructed for Chester and Gloria Stachura.
  • Steuernagel Mausoleum, constructed for John Steuernagel, president and board chairman of Kleinhans department store.
  • Vars Mausoleum, designed by Lawrence Bley and Duane Lyman. Interred are Harry Thorp Vars, Gertrude Waltho Vars, Mary G. Vars, Addison Foster Vars, Addison F. Vars, Jr., Aline Vars, Carlton J. Balliett, Evelyn Waltho Balliett, Jr., Rose Waltho Brown, Bertha W. Barker, and Estelle Noell Reavis.
  • Walden-Myer Mausoleum, designed by Richard A. Waite for Buffalo’s mayor from 1838–39,[3] Ebenezer Walden, and son-in law, Albert J. Myer, recognized by many as the "founder and father" of the US Weather Bureau.[4]
  • Willams-Pratt Mausoleum


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