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The Forest of Rambouillet or Forest of Yveline (Forêt de Rambouillet, or Forêt de l'Yveline) is a large forest covering some 200 km², located to the west of Paris, in the Île-de-France region in northern France. The town of Rambouillet lies on its southwestern edge.

On 26 December 1999, Hurricane Lothar[1] hit the northern half of France, wreaking havoc to forests and parks. The Forest of Rambouillet lost hundreds of thousands of trees.

In the southern part of the forest, there is a wild group of around 30 Bennett's wallabies. This population has been present since the seventies, when some individuals escaped from the zoological park of Émancé after a storm.[2]


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Coordinates: 48°39′N 1°50′E / 48.650°N 1.833°E / 48.650; 1.833