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Forester Universe
Created byKyell Gold
TypeFictional setting

The Forester Universe is the fictional setting[1] of several novels, novellas, and short stories by Kyell Gold, consisting primarily of homosexual furry romance and erotica. Two of the novels have won the Ursa Major Award for Best Anthropomorphic Novel.


Dev and Lee[edit]

A story about a gay rights activist and an American football player who fall in love with one another. Covers and interior illustrations by Blotch.[2]

  • Out of Position. Sofawolf Press, ISBN 978-0-9791496-9-6, January 2009. Won the Ursa Major Award for Best Anthropomorphic Novel.[3]
  • Isolation Play. Sofawolf Press, ISBN 978-1-936689-00-2, January 2011. Won the Ursa Major Award for Best Anthropomorphic Novel.[4]
  • Divisions. Sofawolf Press, ISBN 978-1-936689-27-9, January 2013.
  • Uncovered. Sofawolf Press, ISBN 978-1-936689-40-8 (hardcover), ISBN 978-1-936689-39-2 (softcover). Published at Anthrocon on July 4, 2014.[5]
  • Over Time. Sofawolf Press, ISBN 978-1-936689-51-4. January 2016 [6]
  • Tales of the Firebrds. BadDogBooks, ISBN 978-0-9972794-9-8, July 2017. Twelve stories set across the Dev and Lee books, including the five bonus stories made for each book selling over one thousand copies. Cover by Deus Ex Moose and interior illustrations by Kenket. [7]
  • Ty Game. SofawolfPress, ISBN 978-1-936689-68-2, November 2018. Focusing on one of Dev's teammates, Ty explores his sexuality and the arranged marriage his parents want him to do, while Tami juggles her job and her relationship. Cover by Rukis and The Neverwolf and interior illustrations by The Neverwolf. [8]

Dangerous Spirits[edit]

A series of non-adult books, chronicling the paranormal adventures of three young adults. The novels contains characters that are involved in homosexual relationships, but there are no explicit depictions of sexual acts. Covers and interior illustrations by Rukis.[9]


  • Waterways. Sofawolf Press, ISBN 0-9791496-5-7, January 2008. Kyell Gold's first novel in the Forester Universe. A high school boy falls in love with another boy; the novel chronicles his coming out process. Cover and interior illustrations by John Nunnemacher (Cooner). Won the Ursa Major Award for Best Anthropomorphic Novel.[10]
  • Bridges. Furplanet, ISBN 978-1-935599-16-6, February 2010. Cupcake 1. A novella of 111 pages about the beginning, building and ending of relationships. Cover and interior illustrations by Keovi.
  • Science Friction. FurPlanet, ISBN 978-1-61450-027-8, September 2011. Cupcake 3. Just another semester at "Hot Fudge U.," where the sex is as hot and easy as a day at the beach. Cover and interior illustrations by Cirrus.[11]
  • Winter Games. FurPlanet, ISBN 978-1-61450-088-9, September 2012. Cupcake 5. Some guys are chased by nothing more than the ghosts of their past… Cover and interior illustrations by Sabretoothed Ermine.[12]
  • Camouflage. A novel about Danilo (a cousin to Dev), somehow transported 500 years back in time. Published in installments on Kyell Gold's website (and on Fur Affinity) from June 2013 to January 2014.[13]
  • The Mysterious Affair of Giles. FurPlanet, ISBN 978-1-61450-168-8, February 2014. Cupcake 7. An Agatha Christie-styled murder-mystery, with a lesbian heroine. Cover art and interior illustrations by Sara "Caribou" Miles.[14]
  • Love Match. FurPlanet, ISBN 978-1-61450-344-6, January 2017. A young tennis player competes in a new country while discovering himself and a desire to help his family. Cover and interior illustrations by Rukis.[15]


  • In the Doghouse of Justice. Sofawolf Press, ISBN 978-1-936689-12-5, August 2011. Seven stories of superheroes in the League of Canids dealing with life, love, and super-villains: "Vicious", "Don't Blink", "Third Date", "Stop the World", "Modern History", "Splitting Time", "Sim & Scope". Cover art and interior illustrations by Alexander Roman.[16] There are references to comics about the League of Canids in Waterways and Red Devil.


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