Forestry Farm Park and Zoo

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Forestry Farm Park and Zoo
Type Municipal
Location 1903 Forestry Farm Park Drive
Saskatoon, SK, CA S7S 1G9
Created 1966
Operated by

City of Saskatoon, Saskatoon Zoo Society and

Saskatchewan Perennial Society

All year

Official name Forestry Farm Park and Zoo National Historic Site of Canada
Designated 1990
Superintendent's Residence

The Forestry Farm Park and Zoo is a forested park and zoo located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. The park was originally established as the Dominion Forest Nursery Station [1] and later Sutherland Forest Nursery Station. Between 1913-1966 was responsible for growing and shipping 147 million trees shipped across the northern prairie provinces.[2] The first shipment of trees were sent to farmers in 1916. The park is designated a National Historic Site of Canada.[3] The nursery grew caragana, ash, maple, elm, and willow. After the nursery closed in 1966 a portion was re-opened as a city park.

The park contains the following areas:

  • Forestry Farm House (The Superintendent's Residence) – is a historical farm house of a Georgian brink design built in 1913 located within the park.[4] The building was officially designated a heritage property on July 3, 1990.[5]
  • Hall – With a capacity of 225 people
  • Gazebo Picnic Site – With seating for up to 100 people
  • Fishing Pond – A Pond stocked with Rainbow Trout (daily permit required)
  • Kinsmen Express Zoo Train – Guided tour through the zoo area [6]
  • Paws Inn Concession and Gift Shop – A Concession Stand and Gift Shop operated by the Zoo Society [7]
  • Meditation Garden – Cared for by the Perennial Society [8]
  • Heritage Rose Garden – Cared for by the Perennial Society [9]
  • Zoo – The zoo facilities
  • Demonstration Forest – Original demonstration forest once part of the nursery.

Developed long before any major residential development in the region, since the 1990s the park has been virtually surrounded by Saskatoon's urban sprawl, casting the Forestry Farm, along with several contiguous linear parks, in an additional role as part of the region's greenbelt.


The Zoo is housed within the park. In 1964 the Golden Gate Animal Farm ran into financial difficulties, the city agreed to acquire the animals and equipment; the zoo was then relocated to the park.[10] The Zoo is accredited by the Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums and contains over 80 species of animals.[2]

The Saskatoon Regional Zoological Society was formed in 1976 to aid in the education program at the zoo and advance the care of the animals.[10] The society later changed its name to the Saskatoon Zoo Society.


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