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Government of Haryana
Forests Department, Haryana
वन्य विभाग, हरियाणा
Agency overview
Jurisdiction Government of Haryana
Headquarters Haryana Civil Secretariat,
Sector-1, Chandigarh
30°45′40″N 76°48′2″E / 30.76111°N 76.80056°E / 30.76111; 76.80056
Agency executive

Forests Department, Haryana (Hindi: वन्य विभाग, हरियाणा) is a Ministry and department of the Government of Haryana in India.


The Government of Haryana's Forests department runs and maintains many protected areas, including two National Parks, eight Wildlife Sanctuaries, two Wildlife Conservation Areas, four Animal & Bird Breeding Centers, one Deer park and 49 herbal parks.[1] Abhimanyu Sindhu is the cabinet minister responsible for this department from October 2014.[2]

Forests in Haryana[edit]

India's forest policy mandates bringing 20% land under forest cover with the view to having total 30% area under forest cover, and Haryana only has 3% (1,584 sq km) land under forest cover, which was further reduced by 79.44 sq km between 2014-15 and 2016-17 due to diversion of forest land to other uses.[3] Main forest over lies in Sivalik Hills Range in northeast and Aravalli Hills Range in south of Haryana.


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