Forestville High School

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Forestville High School
Forestville High School is located in Maryland
Forestville High School
Forestville High School
7001 Beltz Dr
Forestville, Maryland 20747

United States
Coordinates38°50′14″N 76°53′10″W / 38.83722°N 76.88611°W / 38.83722; -76.88611Coordinates: 38°50′14″N 76°53′10″W / 38.83722°N 76.88611°W / 38.83722; -76.88611
TypePublic Magnet High School
School districtPrince George's County Public Schools
SuperintendentKevin M. Maxwell
PrincipalNathaniel Laney
Campus typeSuburban, urban

Forestville High School was a public magnet high school located in Forestville, a section of unincorporated Prince George's County, Maryland, United States. The school had a comprehensive program with a specialized Military Academy magnet program.

The academy, part of Prince George's County Public Schools, was notable as the only military academy in Prince George's County.

Forestville High School was part of the United States Government's JROTC program. In addition to this, Forestville High School has been recognized in the 2006–2007 school year for making the Annual Yearly Progress (AYP). Also, around 50% of students attending FMA have passed the HSA exams.

The principal of the school was Nathaniel Laney, a Prince George's County native. The JROTC program was first implemented for all grade levels in 2006, which was led by Major General Warren L. Freeman, the school's commandant. The school mandated JROTC as a class for all grade levels, based on Leadership Education Training (LET). All students began with a rank of cadet, ending with colonel. However, very few students progressed to the highest rank. In order to be promoted, one must merit it through a minimum of GPAs (depending on rank sought). Also, for the rank of Sergeant First Class and above promotions, students had to present themselves on the Promotion Board (based on peers).


Prior to 1982, the physical buildings that became Forestville High School housed Forestville Elementary and Spaulding Junior High School from 1965 - 1982, respectively. Among the faculty of Forestville Elementary was long-time principal, Mrs. Barbara Johnson and teacher Mrs. Dorothy Murray.

In the Fall of 2002, the first military academy class was admitted to Forestville. Along with this came an increase in numbers of those who were members of the JROTC program. Forestille High School then moved from a Battalion JROTC level to a Brigade JROTC level, one of the largest in the state of Maryland. The first Brigade Commander was Cadet Colonel Rashonda Tangle and the highest ranking Cadet Non-Commissioned Officer was Cadet Command Sergeant Major Kiana Carr. In the fall of 2006, Cadet Colonel Jeshawna Wholley became the first Regiment Commander of Forestville High School when the school was completely filled with cadets.

While members on the Board of Education of Prince George County are opposed to Forestville keeping its Military Academy status, the Academy still remains an Army Unit With Distinction. Former Cadets Colonel K. Holmes (Former Regiment Commander), Lt.Colonel A. Michel (Former Deputy Regiment Commander), Lt.Colonel E. Hunter(Former Regiment Executive Officer), and CSM. E.Boyd (Former Regiment CSM) led the charge of keeping Forestville a complete Military Academy. Although many people try to tear down the values and status of the school, FMA still keeps its national status of excellence. It welcomes new cadets every year and its main mission is to promote higher education and motivate young people into becoming better citizens.

On March 8, 2016 CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell sent a letter to parents that Forestville would be closed after the end of the 2015-2016 school year,[1] despite protests against closing the school. PG County officials stated that the continued operations of the school could interfere with funding of nearby Suitland High School. At the time Forestville had fewer than 800 students.[2] According to Maxwell, the primary rationale for closure was the decrease in the school's number of students.[1] Students in the attendance zone of neighboring Suitland High were reassigned there for the 2016-2017 school year while others were reassigned to their neighborhood schools.[3]

‘16 Regiment Staff Knights Regiment

  • Regiment Commander(s) C/COL Denver Lark

And C/COL Marleta Johnson Command Sergeant Major CSM Vincent Davis

‘15 Regiment Staff[edit]

Knights Regiment

  • Regiment Commander C/COL Kalaye' Lawrence
  • Deputy Commander C/LTC Jerelyn Hill
  • Chief of Staff C/LTC Raymond Addo
  • Executive Officer C/LTC Daneisha Johnson
  • Comptroller C/LTC Tyrell Theophane
  • Command Sergeant Major C/CSM Oplalanka
  • Headquarters Commander=C/LTC Malcolm Brown
  • 1st Battalion Commander=C/LTC Alexis Jones
  • 2nd Battalion Commander= C/LTC Angela Wiliford
  • 3rd Battalion Commander=C/CPT Nickolus Boles

S-1 C/MAJ DaeJunay Whalen
S-2 C/MAJ Andrew Thomas
S-3 C/LTC Tyshea Samuels
S-4 C/MAJ India Joppy
S-5 C/MAJ Shaugn Cooper
S-6 C/SFC Emmanuel Staples-Bloom

Raider Team[edit]

Captain=C/CPT.Samuels Coach=SFC.Thomas

Drill Team[edit]

Commander=C/CPT Nickolus Boles Coach=1SG.White

Army Instructors[edit]

  • COL Bagley (Commandant)
  • LTC Turner (Deputy Commandant/Senior Army Instructor)
  • MAJ Goodwine (Executive Officer)
  • CSM Williams (Academy Command Sergeant Major)
  • SGM Hines (Operations Sergeant Major)
  • 1SG Gwendolyn White (S4 Advisor)
  • MSG Pratt (S1 Advisor)
  • MSG Monk (Drill Team)
  • SFC Price (Drill Team)
  • SFC Thomas (Raider Team Head Coach)

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