Forever, Lulu (1987 film)

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Forever, Lulu
Forever Lulu poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byAmos Kollek
Produced byAmos Kollek
Michael Steinhardt (executive)
Written byAmos Kollek
Music byPaul Chihara
CinematographyLisa Renzler
Edited byJay Freund
Distributed byTriStar Pictures
Release date
April 24, 1987
Running time
85 mins
Country United States

Forever, Lulu is a 1987 American comedy-mystery film starring Hanna Schygulla, Deborah Harry and Alec Baldwin, in his film debut. The film also features Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Wayne Knight, and director Amos Kollek.


The film centers on a German woman, Elaine Hines (Hanna Schygulla), living in New York City with aspirations of becoming a novelist. Reality settles in when Elaine loses her secretary job at a toilet seat company. Her agent calls her manuscript unsellable and not sexy enough before dropping her as a client. As if life couldn't get more unbearable for Elaine, her unexpected blind date turns disastrous. She runs out in the rain, waving a gun in the air in a mental breakdown. A couple sees her in the rain, assuming she has some violent tendencies. Afraid for their lives, they give Elaine their coats. Inside one of the coats' pockets is a picture of a blonde woman (Deborah Harry) she previously encountered, signed "Forever, Lulu" and an address. From this point, Elaine's life takes a crazy turn that involves gangsters, money, drugs, a handsome cop (Alec Baldwin) and the mystery blonde in the photograph.


This was the film debut of Alec Baldwin.[1] This was the last film of both Beatrice Pons and Pat Ryan.[2] This was filmed entirely in New York City, NY.

Box office information[edit]

According to Box Office Mojo, Forever, Lulu grossed $36,786 in its brief North American theatrical run.[3]

Home video release[edit]

RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video released Forever, Lulu on VHS in late 1987. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (successor to RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video) officially released this on DVD in 2005. It was released by other home entertainment distributors under the alternate title, Crazy Streets.[4] Some DVD copies plastered either Alec Baldwin or Deborah Harry on the cover, even though they are featured in supporting roles.


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