Forever (Philippine TV series)

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Genre Drama, romance, science fiction
Created by GMA Entertainment TV Group
Developed by Kit Villanueva Langit
Written by Tina Samson Velasco
Angeli Delgado
Directed by Ricky Davao
Creative director(s) Roy Iglesias
Starring Heart Evangelista
Geoff Eigenmann
Gloria Romero
Opening theme "Together Forever"
sung by Janno Gibbs / Rocco Nacino
Composer(s) Rico J. Puno
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino, Tagalog, English
No. of episodes 63
Executive producer(s) Kaye Atienza Cadsawan
Location(s) Laguna, Philippines
Manila, Philippines
Cinematography Chiqui Soriano
Camera setup Multiple-camera setup
Running time 30-45 minutes
Original network GMA Network
Picture format 480i NTSC
Original release January 21 (2013-01-21) – April 19, 2013 (2013-04-19)
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Forever is a Filipino drama series created by Jun Lana, developed by Kit Villanueva-Langit and produced by GMA Network. It premiered on January 21, 2013 on GMA Telebabad replacing Magdalena (but later moved to GMA Afternoon Prime) block and January 24, 2013 worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV. The series headlines Heart Evangelista, Geoff Eigenmann and Gloria Romero. It executive produced by Kaye Atienza-Cadsawan and under the direction of Ricky Davao.[1]

The show narrates the magical love story of ill-fated lovers, Adora (both played by Evangelista and Romero) and Ramon (played by Eigenmann) and their quest to continue their tragic love affair five decades past through the present time with the help of an antique pocket watch.

The series concluded on April 19, 2013 while Kakambal ni Eliana is still remain on April 15 of the same year. It ran for 13 weeks with the total of 63 episodes.

Starting June 1, 2015 it currently re-airs worldwide via GMA Life TV.


The story begins in the late 1950s with Adora, the sole heiress to a wealthy coconut plantation. Despite her social status, Adora falls passionately in love with Ramon, a lowly worker in their hacienda. Adora's father, Don Jaime strongly opposes his daughter's relationship with Ramon. But the young couple promise to stay together regardless Don Jaime's objection.

The forbidden love affair eventually leads to Ramon’s death. But before Ramon cast his last breath, he vows to return to be with his one great love, Adora.

Adora is devastated with Ramon's passing and realizes her life is now empty and meaningless without him. Until a mysterious old woman gives her an antique pocket watch that will give her another chance to be reunited with her beloved Ramon.

Decades later... the now old Adora meets Patrick, a young painter and the reincarnation of Ramon. The latter will form an unusual connection with the old maiden. With the help of the magical pocket watch, Adora transforms and back to her youthful form again. She reminds Patrick of his past life and together, fulfill the promise of eternal love.

Cast and characters[edit]

  • Doña Adora Del Prado/Isadora – the series' main protagonist; portrayed by Heart Evangelista and Gloria Romero. The beautiful daughter and heiress of one of the richest hacienderos in the province. But despite being belong to the high society, Adora falls in love with the poor, Ramon and promise an eternal love with him.[2][3]
  • Ramon / Patrick – the male lead protagonist; characters both played by Geoff Eigenmann. Ramon is a poor but principled man who works and lives in Hacienda del Prado. He meets his tragic end when he falls in love with his boss's daughter, Adora. His promise of unrequited love fulfilled many years after, but this time in the persona of a young painter named Patrick who will form an unusual bond with the old Adora.[4][5]
  • Margarita "Monique" Del Prado/Angelica "Angelique" Del Vida – the female and the main antagonist; played by Isabel Oli. Monique is Adora's only surviving relative. Cunning and scheming, Monique's main mission is to usurp the old maiden's wealth and properties.[6][7]
  • Rico Gallardo III – the male and the main antagonist; portrayed by Gian Magdangal; believed to be the reincarnation of Federico Gallardo [in the latter part of the series, it was revealed that he is actually the grandson of Federico]. He is the wealthy and arrogant suitor of Adora (at present time). Unknown to him, behind Adora's beautiful and youthful look is a concealed secret.[8][9]
  • Susie – played by Candy Pangilinan. Susie is a close friend to old Adora and the only one who knows her kept secrets.[10][11]
  • Leila – portrayed by Saab Magalona; a physical therapist who falls head over heels in love with Patrick but hesitant to go further with her feelings as she doesn't want to get hurt again.[12]

Recurring characters[edit]

  • Federico Gallardo – the male antagonist; portrayed by Marc Abaya, and later by Ernie Zarate in the later part of the series. He is the arrogant and powerful suitor of the young Adora (1950's setting). Not wanting to be outdone by Ramon, his rival for Adora's heart, Federico will scheme and manipulate to get what he wants.
  • Don Jaime Del Prado – played by Ronnie Heneres. He is the domineering father of Adora.
  • Lola Apeng – portrayed by Angie Ferro; the mysterious old lady who gave Adora a magical antique pocketwatch. Though many people think that she's nothing but a crazy old one, Lola Apeng knows everything that was about to happen.
  • Maggie - portrayed by Rox Montealegre. A physical therapist and Leila's best friend and confidante who always stands by her side when worse comes to worst.
  • Jason - portrayed by Dex Quindoza. He is Patrick's best buddy, co-worker, adviser and conscience rolled into one! He is the one person Patrick runs to in times of trouble.
  • Atty. Barabas - portrayed by Roldan Aquino; the personal lawyer of Adora whom will betrayed her.
  • Kata - portrayed by Carme Sanchez; the ever supportive assistant of Adora and aunt to Susie.
  • Angelika de la Cruz as Doña Victoria Del Prado - the wife of Jaime, "Madrasta" of Adora
  • Sandy Andolong as Doña Vanessa Del Prado - the ex-wife of Jaime, mother of Adora.

Production and development[edit]

Writer, director and GMA Entertainment TV head, Jun Lana began conceptualizing the series early 2012 and intended to be the initial offering of the network's for their coveted Afternoon Prime block for 2013. The series is, somewhat, based on the 1980 classic film Somewhere in Time and in 2006 GMA Network Films' hit flick, Moments of Love, because of its fictitious "Love knows no boundaries" and "time warf" plot.[13] The network’s entertainment TV department approved the concept and found the story "something new" for an afternoon show to feature a period piece.[14] Kit Villanueva-Langit serves as the headwriter the show under the supervisions of Lana and Roy Iglesias, with Ma. Cristina Samson-Velasco and Angeli Delgado as episode writers. Series' director, Ricky Davao said that Forever is one of the most challenging projects he handled. "Since the first part of the series is in 1950's setting, extra care has been taken to ensure that the costume, props and locations are accurate," he added.

Heart Evangelista, Geoff Eigenmann and veteran actress Gloria Romero headed the series' casts.[15] They were personally chosen by the producers to play the three main characters, as well as, Isabel Oli to play the female antagonist. While singer/stage actor, Gian Magdangal was personally picked by the director to play the male antagonist. Other casts were all announced and presented during the show's story conference held on November 8, 2012 at GMA Network Center.

Filming of the series began November 22, 2012. Many of the series' scenes were shot on location in a coconut plantation in San Pablo, Laguna (for 1950's setting). Other locations include: Magdalena Church in Magdalena, Laguna, Tagaytay City, Cavite and Quezon City

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