Forever Einstein

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Forever Einstein
Genres Avant-garde
Years active 1989–present
Labels Cuneiform Records
Associated acts Biota, Bone
Members John Roulat, Charles O'Meara, Kevin Gerety
Past members Marc Sichel and Jack Vees

Forever Einstein is an avante-garde band formed in 1989, and described as a, "very smart trio,"[1] The band consists of original members John Roulat (drums and percussion) and Charles O'Meara, aka C.W. Vrtacek (guitars, keyboards). The band features bassist Kevin Gerety on acoustic and electric fretless basses and Warr Guitar. Past members include original bassist Marc Sichel and Jack Vees. The band was a featured act at the annual MIMI festival of progressive music in France (1991) and Prog Day in North Carolina (2003). They are known for tightly weaving a variety of styles such as folk, surf-rock, jazz, metal, country and more into concise, highly arranged pieces with long, often ridiculous titles. They sounded like a mixture of King Crimson, Frank Zappa, and Gong.

O'Meara is also a member of the Colorado experimental music collective Biota and has released a number of solo albums. Roulat has worked in the band Bone with Nick Didkovsky (Doctor Nerve) and Hugh Hopper (Soft Machine).


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  1. ^ (1992). Option magazine, Issues 42-47, p.106. Sonic Options Network. The band's music is characterized by tightly arranged sections which and rapid mood changes within the same piece. The music is strictly instrumental and draws equally from jazz, rock, surf rock, american folk and other forms. One reviewer described the band's sound as "Mozart on crack."