Forever Marshall Islands

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Forever Marshall Islands
Satellite image of Marshall Islands in March 1999.jpg

National anthem of  Marshall Islands
Lyrics Amata Kabua
Music Amata Kabua
Adopted 1991
Audio sample
Forever Marshall Islands (instrumental)

Forever Marshall Islands is the national anthem of the Marshall Islands. The music and lyrics were created by former President Amata Kabua. It was adopted in 1991.

It replaced the previous national anthem, Ij Io̧kwe Ļo̧k Aelōn̄ Eo Aō.[1]

English lyrics[edit]

My island (heart) lies o'er the ocean;
Like a wreath of flowers upon the sea;
With a (the) light of Maker from far above;
Shining with the brilliance of rays of life;
Our Father's wondrous creation;
Bequeathed to us, our Motherland;
I'll never leave my dear home sweet home;
God of our forefathers protect and bless forever Marshall Islands.

Note: The brackets indicate substitute words that may or have been sung instead of the word in front of them.

Marshallese lyrics[edit]

Lyrics in the Marshallese language

Aelōn̄ eo ao ion lometo;
Einwot wut ko lōti ion dren elae;
Kin meram in Mekar jen ijo ilan̄;
Erreo an romak ioir kin meram in mour;
Eltan pein Anij eweleo im wōj;
Kejolit kij kin ijin jikir emol;
Ijjamin Ilok jen in aō lemoran;
Anij an ro jemem wonakke im kejrammon Aelin̄ kein ad.

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