Forever the Moment

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Forever the Moment
Forever the Moment film poster.jpg
Theatrical poster
Hanja 우리
Revised Romanization Uri saengae choegoui sungan
McCune–Reischauer Uri saengae ch‘oegoŭi sun’gan
Directed by Yim Soon-rye
Produced by Shim Jae-myung
Kim Hyeon-cheol
Kim Kyun-hee
Written by Nah Hyeon
Starring Moon So-ri
Kim Jung-eun
Uhm Tae-woong
Music by Yoon Min-hwa
Cinematography Hwang Ki-seok
Edited by Moon In-dae
Distributed by Sidus FNH
Release date
  • January 10, 2008 (2008-01-10)
Running time
124 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Box office US$27,258,370[1]

Forever the Moment (Hangul우리 생애 최고 순간; RRUri saengae choego-ui sungan) is a 2008 South Korean film. It is a fictionalized account of the South Korea women's handball team which competed in the 2004 Summer Olympics. The Korean title translates as "The Best Moment in Our Lives," and it is believed to be the first film that revolves around the sport of handball.[2]


South Korea won the silver medal in women's handball at the 2004 Summer Olympics, following a close game against Denmark which was decided by a penalty shootout. The Koreans had lost a three-point lead in the second half,[3] and at the end of normal time both sides were level at 25-25, taking the game into overtime. After the first overtime the score was still locked at 29-29,[4] but South Korea were leading 34-33 in second overtime, until a late equaliser by Katrine Fruelund in the final ten seconds forced the game into a shootout, which Denmark won 4-2.[5] In a poll conducted by Gallup Korea, 50.2% of respondents said that the women's handball finals was their favourite event of the 2004 Summer Olympics.[6]


Kim Hye-kyeong is a retired handball player who has been successfully coaching in the Japan Handball League. When the coach of South Korea's women's national team suddenly quits, she is asked to fill in, but is faced with an undisciplined squad of players. Hye-kyeong tries to improve the team by recruiting some of her old teammates, including two-time Olympic gold medalist Han Mi-sook. However, Hye-kyeong's aggressiveness causes friction amongst the players, and she is replaced by former men's handball star Ahn Seung-pil, though she decides to stay with the team as a player. Seung-pil introduces modern European training methods which brings him into conflict with the older players, and things get worse when they lose a game against a high school boys' team.


  • Moon So-ri ... Han Mi-sook
  • Kim Jung-eun ... Kim Hye-kyeong
  • Uhm Tae-woong ... Ahn Seung-pil
  • Kim Ji-young ... Song Jeong-ran
  • Jo Eun-ji ... Oh Soo-hee
  • Min Ji ... Bo-ram
  • Namgoong Eun-sook ... Jin-joo
  • Lee Mi-do ... Hyeon-ja
  • Jo Yeong-jin ... Director Song
  • Lee Bong-gyoo ... Chairman
  • Jeong Seok-yong ... Choong-sik, the office chief
  • Ha Jung-woo ... blind date man
  • Choi Wook ... Coach Kang
  • Jeong Se-hyeong ... Trainer Jeong
  • Kim Kang-mi ... Dong-yoon
  • Kim Jong-eon ... Kim Goon
  • Park Hyeong-jae ... Myeong-seok
  • Jo Deok-jae ... Boss Bae
  • Oh Chang-kyeong ... Sang-yeol
  • Woo Yong ... nutritionist
  • Na Hyeon ... Director Hakiboo
  • Kim Jin-hyeok ... real estate poker man
  • Sung Ji-ru ... Jin-gook, Jeong-ran's husband (cameo)
  • Park Won-sang ... Gyu-cheol, Mi-sook's husband (cameo)
  • Ryu Seung-soo ... supermarket manager (cameo)
Danish and French team
  • The Danish and French team players were played by real players from Danish club SK Aarhus.
  • Miles Meili ... Danish coach 1
  • Tore Hogas ... Danish coach 2
  • Martin Lord Cayce ... French coach
  • Iwona Niedźwiedź-Cecotka ... French player #3 (V. Pons)
  • Mária Tóth ... French player #20 (A. Olivier)

Box office[edit]

Forever the Moment was released in South Korea on January 10, 2008.[7] It topped the box office on its opening weekend, grossing $4,407,643,[8] and remained at the top for a further two weeks, ahead of Hollywood films Enchanted, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, and Cloverfield, all released during the same period.[9] By March 23 the film had grossed a total of $27,258,370,[1] and as of July 13 the total number of admissions was 4,043,293.[7]


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