Forever with You

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Forever with You
Phyllis Hyman-Forever With You.jpg
Studio album by Phyllis Hyman
Released July 28, 1998
Label Philadelphia International Records/Volcano
Phyllis Hyman chronology
I Refuse to Be Lonely
(1995)I Refuse to Be Lonely1995
Forever with You
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]

Forever with You is the tenth and final studio album by American soul singer-songwriter Phyllis Hyman. It was released by Volcano Records on July 28, 1998. The album was released three years after Hyman's death and contains twelve previously unreleased songs that were recorded between 1985 and 1995 during her time on the Philadelphia International label. The album charted on the Billboard Top R&B Albums chart at No. 66 in 1998.[2]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Forever With You" Kenneth Gamble, Terry Burruss Kenneth Gamble, Dexter Wansel 4:21
2. "Funny How Love Goes" (Introducing Damon) Kenneth Gamble, Walter Sigler Kenneth Gamble, Dexter Wansel 4:49
3. "Come Right Or Not At All" Jane Eugene, Nick Martinelli, Ian Prince, Phyllis Hyman, Angelo Morris Nick Martinelli 5:21
4. "The Strength Of A Woman" Phyllis Hyman, Denise Rich, Sunny Hilden Dexter Wansel, Gary Haase 4:25
5. "Hurry Up This Way Again" Dexter Wansel, Cynthia Biggs Dexter Wansel 4:23
6. "How Long" Michael O’Hara, Phyllis Hyman Nick Martinelli, Michael O’Hara 4:19
7. "Someone To Love" Michael Masser Dexter Wansel, Kenneth Gamble 4:04
8. "Tell Me What You’re Gonna Do" Barry Eastmond, Phyllis Hyman, Herb Middleton Barry J. Eastmond 4:39
9. "The Kids" Kenneth Gamble, Bruce A. Hawes Dexter Wansel, Bruce Hawes, Kenneth Gamble, 4:41
10. "Set A Little Trap" James Sigler Walter B. Sigler 4:21
11. "No One But You" Kenneth Gamble, Leon A. Huff Kenneth Gamble, Leon A. Huff, Dexter Wansel 4:34
12. "Souvenirs" Preston Glass, Alan Glass, Narada Michael Walden, Walter Afanasieff Dexter Wansel 4:28


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