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Forge of Empires
Forge of Empires Logo.png
Platform(s)browser, iOS, Android
Release17 April 2012
Genre(s)Browser Game, strategy, citybuilding
Mode(s)Multiplayer Edit this on Wikidata

Forge of Empires is a browser-based strategy game developed by InnoGames. The game was initially released on 17 April 2012 (open beta phase).[1] In 2013, TV advertising helped the game reach 10 million user registrations.[2] It was later released for the iPhone and iPad in 2014,[3] as well as Android in 2015.[4] The game is similar to both SimCity and Clash of Clans, but includes turn-based strategy elements.[5]


Forge of Empires City Management Screen

The main goal of the game is to expand and develop a city, evolving from the Stone Age to the Colonization of an asteroid belt. The city has houses that provide coins and population, production buildings that provide supplies, buildings that produce goods, and lastly the decorations and cultural buildings that provide happiness. Forge points, with a meter that refills in time, (one forge point per hour up to 10 at a time), allow you to research technologies, which unlock new buildings, more building space and other bonuses. Forge Points also let you contribute to great buildings, which can be assembled when a player finds the correct blueprints. There are special buildings as well, that may be acquired in special events, Daily Challenges, and the antiques dealer, who buy things for trade coins, and sells them for more. Some may even have to be purchased with gems, a currency that is harder to acquire. There are Great Buildings as well, based on historical structures, that provide higher benefits; but require several requirements to be built. It is possible to speed up construction and research with diamonds, a currency that may be purchased with real money. However, diamonds can sometimes be acquired upon the completion of certain quests and through some buildings like the Crows Nest and wishing wells. Some players with large cities start new worlds on their account, and fill them with those types of building, because diamonds are a currency on the account, not the city.

There are also buildings that allow the training of certain military units. Some military units can also be acquired by conquering certain territories. Combat takes place with turn-based tactics, and unit types work in a Rock paper scissors style against each other. Combat may be used to advance territory in a world map, and in player versus player combats, including special tournaments. Those tournaments are held between guilds, groups of players that fight together against other guilds.


In the beginning Forge of Empires was only available in English and German. Currently there are 25 language versions available, including:

American English Argentinian Spanish Brazilian Portuguese Czech Danish
Dutch English Finnish French German
Greek Hungarian Italian Korean (shut down in 2016) Mexican Spanish
Norwegian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian
Slovak Spanish Swedish Thai Turkish


  • 2013 - MMO Award for Best Strategy Browser MMO[6]
  • 2013 - Deutscher Computerspielpreis (German Computer Game Award) for Best Browser Game[7]


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