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ForgetMeNot Software is a mobile communications technology company. Founded in 2004 as a software developer for mobile appointment service reminders, the company quickly evolved into a specialist software as a service company for the mobile communications industry. ForgetMeNot specialises in unified messaging for mobile telecoms providers, enabling them to provide message applications such as Instant Messaging (IM), email and SMS to their customers on their existing handheld devices, without needing a Smartphone.[1]

The company has its headquarters in Hong Kong and has operations in the United States, United Kingdom, Kenya and Zimbabwe.

Products, technology & uses[edit]

ForgetMeNot Software's tools are being used in the developing world, where rudimentary infrastructure and low penetration of 3rd generation handsets have traditionally proved a barrier to mobile messaging.[2] ForgetMeNot's technology bridges the digital divide by eradicating the need for expensive smartphones, laptops and Personal Computers to access email and online chat services[3] which have traditionally only been enjoyed in countries such as those described by the World Bank as having high income economies. Users don't have to invest in sophisticated handsets, download new applications or undertake new data subscription plans, bringing mobile email and messaging within reach of anyone with a mobile phone capable of simple SMS. A subsidiary of ForgetMeNot, ForgetMeNot Africa provides these services to mobile telecommunications companies in Africa.[4]

Financial institutions can use ForgetMeNot Software to turn every phone, no matter how basic, into a mobile banking and authentication device. Abnormal or suspect transactions can instantly be verified with a mobile phone message to the customer. Bank account holders can also have fully archived, two-way interaction using chat, email or SMS directly from their mobile phone with the bank.

ForgetMeNot Software also integrates with companies’ customer relationship management systems. Simple one-way messaging systems don't provide a cost effective or elegant mechanism for customer acceptance, feedback or fulfilment. Enterprises need messaging systems which allow for two-way communication between themselves and the customer. ForgetMeNot Software's eTXT platform enables digital messages to be sent to and received from consumers which can then be properly categorized and tracked, adding a powerful new tool for companies to maintain and manage customer relationships.


ForgetMeNot was founded in 2004 by experts in the mobile software and finance industries. Originally, the focus of the company was the development of a mobile appointment reminder service; however, the ForgetMeNot team soon became frustrated at the difficulties of staying in touch with each other, owing to the various mobile devices, messaging channels and communications protocols that each team member was using.

The lack of a simple, unified messaging service convinced ForgetMeNot's team of the importance of creating a single, unified mobile messaging tool that would bridge the gap between the Internet and traditional mobile messaging, and which could enable even the most basic of mobile devices, on any telecoms carrier, to receive email and online chat.

Since 2005, ForgetMeNot Software has developed a range of patent pending mobile communications technologies, including applications for mobile banking and financial services, small businesses and enterprise and other applications.


ForgetMeNot Software is a private Hong Kong company co-founded by John Carroll, a former IPTV engineer at Microsoft, Paul Roberts and Andrew Smyth.