Forgive Me My Love

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Forgive Me My Love
Forgive Me My Love.jpg
Studio album by Zemfira
Released 2000
Recorded Tone Studios, 2000
Genre Alternative rock
Pop rock
Length 43:07
Label Real Records
Producer Vladimir Ovchinnikov
Zemfira chronology
Forgive Me, My Love
14 Weeks of Silence
(2002)14 Weeks of Silence2002

Forgive Me My Love ( Russian: Прости Меня Моя Любовь) is Russian singer Zemfira's second album. It features the hit singles "Forgive Me My Love" and "You Want?". It further popularized her recognizable pop-rock sound. It became the best-selling Zemfira album with more than 1,500,000 copies sold.

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars (link) link

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Шкалят Датчики" (Data Units out of Scales)
  2. "ZERO"
  3. "Созрела" (Ripened)
  4. "Хочешь?" (Do You Want?)
  5. "Рассветы" (Dawns)
  6. "Город" (City)
  7. "Ненавижу" ([I] Hate)
  8. "Сигареты" (Cigarettes)
  9. "Доказано" (Proven)
  10. "Прости Меня Моя Любовь" (Forgive Me My Love)
  11. "Искала" ([I've] Searched)
  12. "Не Отпускай" (Do Not Let Go)
  13. "London" (bonus track)


  • Zemfira - Vocals, Lyrics, Acoustic Guitar
  • Sergei Cozinov - Drums
  • Vadim Solov'ev - Guitar
  • Rinat Akhmadiev - Bass
  • Sergei Miroliubov - Keyboard, Percussion