Forgotten Tales

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Forgotten Tales
Origin Quebec City, Quebec
Genres Symphonic Power metal
Years active 1999–present
Labels Unsigned
Members Sonia Pineault
Martin Desharnais
Patrick Vir
Mike Bélanger
Frederick Desroches
Marco Lavoie
Past members Cedric Prevost

Forgotten Tales is a Canadian power metal band from Quebec City, Quebec originally assembled in 1999. The band's sound is distinctive due to the powerful vocals of singer Sonia Pineault.


Forgotten Tales got their start in 1999 as a cover band, with the intent of covering power metal songs by their favorite European bands. As one of Canada's few melodic power metal bands, they performed in front of sold out crowds, culminating in an opening slot for Finnish heavyweights Nightwish in Montreal in November, 2000. At this point, the idea for an album of original material began to take shape.

They distinguish themselves by having a female lead singer in Sonia Pineault, possessing a strong, clear voice gave them an extra edge to go along with their quality musicianship. On par with the efforts of European groups in this style, the band went into Victor studios in Montreal in April 2001 to record their debut effort, The Promise. The album was released across Canada in October, 2001, to enthusiastic reviews. Quebec, long a stronghold of chaotic death metal bands such as Cryptopsy and Kataklysm had a promising power metal band as well. Forgotten Tales established themselves in the local scene in front of enthusiastic crowds opening for bands like Edguy and Gamma Ray.

In 2003, the band entered Menzo studios in Quebec City to record the material that would become their second album, All the Sinners, released to the public in August, 2004. This album expanded on their style showcased on The Promise, and Martin Desharnais continued to emerge as a skilled songwriter. The band continues to play shows and share their vision with power metal fans around Quebec.

In 2005, original drummer Cédric Prévost left the band, replaced by Mike Bélanger. At the beginning of the following year, the band did the opening act (3 times) for Finnish power metallers Sonata Arctica. On February 14, 2007, the band announced their new keyboardist William Simard who would take the place of the original member, Frédérick Desroches. On February 26, 2009, Frédérick returned.[1]

Their third album, We Shall See the Light, was released in 2010.[2][3] This album was received well, reviews claiming that despite being an independent release, listeners "would not be able to tell". The drumming of Mike Belanger was praised, along with the strong vocal work of Sonia Pineault.[4]

Musical Style[edit]

Forgotten Tales in relation to power metal, claim to be "pioneers of this style in Canada".[1] They cite their style as "Forgotten Tales music offers, to the heavy metal enthusiasts as well as those fond of whatever is new, a musical performance with hints of classical, baroque and, at times, progressive influences." [1] Their singer Sonia Pineault has deeper voice range than typical female vocalists within power metal bands like Elize Ryd of Amaranthe, or Tarja Turunen. Sonia avoids the use of opera style vocals in lyrical portions of their songs, resulting in a direct, powerful feel emphasizing the lyrics. In terms of instrumentation, guitarists Marco Lavoie and Martin Desharnais demonstrate a very neoclassical style to solos. Their keyboardist uses harpsichord, choir, and string effects to give a folk feel to songs, as their songs feature medieval themes.


  • Sonia Pineault - Vocals
  • Martin Desharnais - Guitar
  • Patrick Vir - Bass
  • Mike Bélanger - Drums
  • Frédérick Desroches - Keyboards
  • Marco Lavoie - Guitar

Former members[edit]

  • Cédric Prévost - Drums
  • Marc-André Gingras - Guitar
  • Alexandre Therrien - Guitar
  • William Simard - Keyboards




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