Former Central Magistracy

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The Former Central Magistracy

The former Central Magistracy is located at 1, Arbuthnot Road, Central, Victoria, Hong Kong. It was constructed from 1913 to 1914.

The site where the building is standing was originally occupied by the first Hong Kong Magistracy. The former building was probably erected in 1847 but was later demolished to make way for the present building. Difficulty and delay in the construction work was caused because of the provision of an extensive basement in the new magistracy. The building's majestic appearance, with the imposing pillars of the façade and other features in the Greek-revival style, are lost to its poor exposure fronting onto a steep, narrow road. The massive retaining walls were constructed with granite blocks. The Central Magistracy was closed in 1979 and had been used by different associations affiliated to the Hong Kong Police Force.

The buildings of the Former Central Magistracy, together with the adjacent Central Police Station and the Victoria Prison are declared monuments of Hong Kong. These buildings are collectively known as the Central Police Station Compound.

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Coordinates: 22°16′52″N 114°09′17″E / 22.281063°N 114.154617°E / 22.281063; 114.154617 (Former Central Magistracy)