Former Muslims United

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Former Muslims United
Former Muslims United.png
Founded 2009
Focus Protecting people who left Islam
Key people
Nonie Darwish (Director), Mohammed Asghar, Amil Imani, Wafa Sultan and Ibn Warraq

Former Muslims United (sometimes abbreviated as FMU)[1] is a group formed in October 2009[2] in the United States which seeks to protect former Muslims from persecution by those Muslims who believe that Sharia (Muslim religious law) requires such persecution. They are vocally outspoken against honor killings.[3]

They wrote a pledge rejecting punishment by death for apostasy that was sent to many people.[4] The Director of the organization is Nonie Darwish.[5]

Murfreesboro Mosque[edit]

The group opposed the building of a new mosque for the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.[6] They put up a billboard saying “Stop the Murfreesboro Mosque".[7][8][9]

Swiss minaret ban[edit]

Former Muslims United supported the Swiss Government Referendum Victory Banning Minarets.[10]

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